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Process Switches

If you need pressure switches, you’ll find Omega carries the largest selection and has the best...
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Flow Switches
No moving parts, not susceptible to contamination and can be oriented in any pipe configuration make these flow meter maintenance free and reliable.
Level Switches

Omega carries a large line of level switches and we have them in all manner of styles and types. Our inventory includes float switches, tuning fork switches, optical level switches, and many more.

Pressure Switches
Energize or de-energize electrical circuits as a function of whether the process pressure is normal or abnormal.
Pushbutton Switches
Omega has rugged push buttons and selector switches for use in commercial and industrial applications. Our buttons and switches are made from heavy-duty materials and designed for constant use, so the...
Safety Switches
Safety switches are supposed to work each and every time they’re engaged. This is why durability and consistency are so essential to these devices. At Omega, we carry safety switches that are built to...
Selector Switch
Nobody carries more thermocouple selector switches than Omega. Our rotary switches are available in a range of different models and in 3-inch, 5-inch, and ¼ DIN sizes. Choose from gold- or silver-plat...
Temperature Switches
Easy process temperature maintenance, for use in various applications from comfort heating to freeze protection.
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