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Level Switches

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Side Mount Non-Magnetic Liquid Level Switches

The LV-1100 and 1200 level switches feature a nonmagnetic design suitable for applications where magnetic particles (i.e., rust) are present.

Adjustable Set Point Capacitance Level Switches

The LVCN4300 Series level switches are flexible, as well as cost effective, level solutions for a great variety of applications. Rods can be encased in PTFE tubing as an option.

Threaded, Flanged, Tri-Grip Tuning Fork Level Switches

The LTU-2000 Tuning Fork Sensors are point level switches that are designed to detect low or high levels of liquids and is based on the vibrating tuning fork principle.

Compact 316 SS Ultrasonic NO Level Switch

The LVSW-710/720 compact solid state liquid level switch employs ultrasonic technology and provides reliable operation in virtually any liquid, regardless of viscosity.

Fail-Safe Dry Material Rotary Paddle Level Switches

The LVD-800 is a fail-safe bin monitor that employs a rotating paddle to report both material presence and operational status continuously.

Submersible Optical Switch for Level or Leak Detection

The LVF-200A-R Series optic sensor creates a pulsed beam of infrared light which is reflected on the oblique flat sensor tip. If the tip is dry, the light beam is recognized.


The Series L6 Flotect® Liquid Level Switches are rugged and reliable float switches which operates automatically to indicate tank level. It is offered with a 303 SS or brass body with spherical or cylindrical float options.

CFS2 Cable Float Switch

The Series CFS2 Cable Float Switch is a mechanically actuated floating switch intended to activate electrical components, such as pumps, to start and stop automatically.

Capacitive RF Single Point Level Switches

The LVCN6000/7000 Series is a capacitance switch ideal for low and high level detection for both liquid and solids. It can also detect level without being in contact with the product through a sight glass.


The Series FSW2 Free-Floating Cable Floate Level Switch is a mercury-free self counter-weighted floating switch designed for the automation of pumps, specifically filling and draining of tanks, wells, and reservoirs.

Polyphenylene Sulfide, NO or NC Tuning Fork Level Switch

The LTU-101A-R consists of a sensor with dual tuning forks vibrated at a high frequency. As the tuning fork is covered by liquid, a shift in frequency activates the relay.

Non-Intrusive RF Capacitance Sensors Selectable NO or NC

The LVP51 RF capacitance sensors deliver accurate liquid level detection with an SPST mechanical relay output. The sensor mounts directly to the wall of any standard tank.

Conductivity Level Controllers

The LVCN4000 Series Conductive Level Switch Controllers are designed to control the level of all conductive mediums with up to 2 different points of level control.

Vertical Mount 316 SS Liquid Level Switches

Constructed entirely of 316SS, The LV-40 Single Station Level Switch is specifically designed to withstand the effects of a wide range of chemicals.

Level Switches

 Level Switches are a critical component in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These devices detect and indicate the presence and/or absence of liquid, or the rise and fall of a liquid level.

Omega Engineering offers level switches of various technologies, including capacitance and conductivity, tuning fork, ultrasonic, optical, and rotating paddle switches. Omega level switches are designed to handle a variety of industrial and lab environments, from monitoring and controlling levels of reagents, chemicals, and other liquids, to fail-safe detection of dry materials and 316 stainless steel single point ultrasonic liquid level switches.
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