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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

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Custom Engineering Frequently Asked Questions

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Thermowell with PFA Coating

I plan to order a thermowell with PFA coating. I'd like to either order extra PFA on the process external threads. If this is not possible then I'll order a flanged series well with PFA coating. Please explain my options.

Although OMEGA can provide threaded thermowells with PFA coating the amount of coating on the threads will not prevent abrasion which will likely lead to cracks in the PFA during insertion. Your best option is to install the thermowell in a zone where the threaded portion will not be exposed to the contaminant such as at the top of the tank. Likewise, the female boss with a stand-off can help further reduce the likelihood of the threads being exposed to hazardous liquid. Before installation, be sure to wrap PFA tape around the threads as well. Also, we can coat thermowells up to 48" in length, and supply some of the smaller flanged wells with a PFA coat on the wetted parts.

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