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Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Stainless Steel Cartridge Heater 0.13- 0.75" OD 1 - 12" Long

Stainless Steel Sheath Cartridge Heaters Standard and High Watt Density Construction


Item# CSS-4101000/120V

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Stainless Steel Sheath Cartridge Heaters Standard and High Watt Density Construction CSS-4101000/120V CSS-4101000/120V
  • Stainless Steel Sheath
  • 1/8' to 3/4' (3.2 to 19.1mm) Diameters
  • 120 V and 240 V
  • CSH: Sheath Temps. to 760°C (1400°F)

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Heater Diameter
Power Density
Supply Voltage
Cartridge Length
Lead Length

  • Lead Material Fiberglass
  • Heated Medium Solids
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 1250 or 1400°F
  • Sheath Material 300 Series stainless steel
OMEGALUX™ CS series cartridge heaters provide high wattage in limited spaces. They are manufactured with 300 series stainless steel sheaths to precise dimensions and tolerances to ensure maximum heat transfer for minimum core temperature and faster heating. The CSS series cartridge heaters utilize an economical design of coiled resistance elements and ceramic cores, and can be used whenever a high Watt density is not required. The CSH series are high Watt density cartridge heaters which feature a swaged construction which allows for longer life at higher temperatures. See graph (below) for the maximum recommended Watt density when selecting the high Watt density, CSH series, cartridge heaters.

CSS and CSH series cartridge heaters are designed to fit into holes drilled and reamed to the nominal diameter of the heater. The hole should be reamed to the fractional size with a +.001" tolerance.

1/8" Diameter CSS Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.124"–0.120")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-01110/120V110350.01 (5)
CSS-01115/120V115500.01 (5)
CSS-01120/120V1.520400.03 (14)
CSS-01125/120V1.525500.03 (14)
CSS-01235/120V235500.06 (27)

5/32" Diameter CSS Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.155"–0.152")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-02110/120V110250.05 (23)
CSS-02120/120V1.520350.07 (32)
CSS-02235/120V235400.09 (41)

3/16" Diameter CSS Series Cartridge Heater
(Actual Dia: 0.186"–0.183")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-03130/120V1.530400.07 (32)
CSS-03235/120V235350.09 (41)
CSS-03365/120V365400.11 (50)
CSS-03490/120V490400.13 (59)
CSS-03460/120V460250.13 (59)
CSS-034100/120V4100450.13 (59)

1/4" Diameter CSS and CSH Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.249"–0.245")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-10120/120V120350.01 (5)
CSH-101100/120V11002500.02 (9)
CSS-101201/120V1.2520250.01 (5)
CSH-1011001/120V1.251001650.02 (9)
CSS-10130/*1.530300.02 (9)
CSS-10150/*1.550500.02 (9)
CSH-10170/120V1.570850.02 (9)
CSH-1011001/120V1.51001250.02 (9)
CSH-101120/120V1.51201500.02 (9)
CSS-10250/120V250350.03 (14)
CSH-102100/120V2100850.03 (14)
CSH-102150/120V21501250.03 (14)
CSS-10265/*2.565350.04 (18)
CSH-102135/120V2.5135850.03 (14)
CSH-102185/120V2.51851150.03 (14)
CSS-103100/240V3100450.05 (23)
CSH-103170/120V3170900.04 (18)
CSH-103220/120V32201150.04 (18)
CSS-10390/*3.590350.06 (27)
CSH-103200/*3.5200850.04 (18)
CSH-103260/*3.52601100.04 (18)
CSS-104110/*4110400.07 (32)
CSH-104235/*4235850.04 (18)
CSH-104300/*43001100.04 (18)
CSH-104400/*44001500.04 (18)
CSH-10470/120V4.570210.05 (23)
CSS-104110/*4.5110300.08 (36)
CSH-104270/*4.5270850.05 (23)
CSH-104350/*4.53501100.05 (23)
CSH-105305/*5305850.06 (27)
CSH-105400/*54001150.06 (27)
CSS-107150/120V7150300.12 (54)

3/8" Diameter CSS and CSH Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.374"–0.370")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-20130/120V130400.04 (18)
CSH-201100/120V11001650.04 (18)
CSH-2011001/120V1.251001100.04 (18)
CSH-201150/120V1.251501650.04 (18)
CSS-20150/*1.550400.07 (32)
CSS-2011002/*1.5100900.05 (23)
CSH-2015150/120V1.51501250.05 (23)
CSH-201200/*1.52001050.05 (23)
CSS-20270/*270350.09 (41)
CSS-202100/120V2100500.09 (41)
CSH-202150/*2150850.06 (27)
CSH-202200/*22001100.06 (27)
CSH-202250/*22501350.06 (27)
CSH-20275/120V2.575310.07 (32)
CSS-2021001/*2.5100400.12 (54)
CSH-202200/120V2.5200850.07 (32)
CSH-202300/*2.53001250.07 (32)
CSS-20375/*375250.15 (68)
CSH-203250/*3250850.08 (36)
CSH-203400/*34001350.08 (36)
CSS-203150/*3.5150500.18 (82)
CSH-203300/*3.5300850.09 (41)
CSH-203450/120V3.54501300.18 (82)
CSS-20475/120V475200.20 (91)
CSS-204220/*4220500.20 (91)
CSH-204350/*4350850.10 (45)
CSH-204500/*45001200.10 (45)
CSS-204250/*4.5250500.23 (104)
CSS-205280/*5280500.27 (122)
CSH-205500/*5500950.11 (50)
CSS-205100/240V5.5100150.31 (141)
CSS-206350/*6350500.36 (163)
CSH-206600/*6600900.13 (59)

1/2" Diameter CSS and CSH Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.499"–0.494")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-30175/*1.575500.07 (32)
CSS-30190/120V1.590600.07 (32)
CSH-301135/*1.5135850.07 (32)
CSH-301335/120V1.53352100.07 (32)
CSS-302120/*2120500.11 (50)
CSH-302200/*2200850.08 (36)
CSH-302400/120V24001650.08 (36)
CSS-30280/120V2.580250.14 (64)
CSS-302150/*2.5150500.14 (64)
CSH-302270/*2.5270850.09 (41)
CSH-302470/*2.54701500.09 (41)
CSS-303200/*3200500.17 (77)
CSH-303335/*3335850.10 (45)
CSH-303535/*35351350.10 (45)
CSS-304275/*4275500.23 (104)
CSH-304470/*4470850.11 (50)
CSS-305350/*5350500.27 (122)
CSH-305500/*5500700.13 (59)
CSS-306425/*6425500.33 (150)
CSH-306735/*6735850.15 (68)
CSS-307550/*7550550.48 (218)
CSS-308650/*8650550.53 (240)
CSH-3081000/*81000850.17 (77)
CSS-310850/*10850550.62 (281)
CSH-3101200/240V101200800.22 (100)
CSS-3121000/*121000550.69 (313)

5/8" Diameter CSS and CSH Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.624"–0.619")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSH-402250/*2250850.13 (59)
CSS-40275/240V2.575200.15 (68)
CSS-402200/*2.5200500.15 (68)
CSH-402335/*2.5335850.15 (68)
CSS-403250/*3250500.21 (95)
CSH-403415/*3415850.17 (77)
CSS-403300/*3.5300500.25 (113)
CSS-403350/120V3.5350600.25 (113)
CSS-404350/*4350500.29 (132)
CSH-404585/*4585850.20 (91)
CSS-405450/*5450500.35 (159)
CSS-406350/120V6350300.44 (200)
CSS-406400/120V6400300.44 (200)
CSS-406540/*6540500.44 (200)
CSH-406920/*6920850.30 (136)
CSS-407635/*7635500.57 (259)
CSS-408750/*8750570.55 (249)
CSH-4081000/240V81000700.40 (181)
CSH-4081500/240V815001000.40 (181)
CSS-409950/*9950550.63 (286)
CSS-4101000/*101000530.68 (308)
CSH-4101600/240V101600850.70 (318)
CSS-4121200/240V121200530.75 (340)
CSH-4121750/240V121750800.80 (363)

3/4" Diameter CSS and CSH Series Cartridge Heaters
(Actual Dia: 0.749"–0.741")
Model No. Length (In.) Watts W/in2 Weight lb (g)
CSS-502230/*2.5230500.21 (95)
CSS-503350/*3.5350500.29 (132)
CSS-505500/*5500500.43 (195)
CSS-506650/*6650500.49 (222)
CSH-5061000/240V61000800.44 (200)
CSH-5061500/240V615001150.44 (200)
CSS-507760/*7760500.57 (259)
CSS-508750/120V8750400.70 (318)
CSS-508885/*8885500.70 (318)
CSH-5081500/240V81500850.58 (263)
CSH-5082000/240V820001100.58 (263)
CSS-5101100/240V101100450.80 (363)
CSH-5102000/240V102000900.45 (204)
CSS-5121300/240V121300450.92 (417)
CSH-512220/240V122200801.00 (454)

Insert “120V” or “240V” to indicate desired operating voltage.
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Can these be submersed in water?

Asked by: Gem8
The CSH series heaters are not suitable for immersion into liquids. They are intended to be installed into machined metal blocks so they can heat a larger mass so as to aid in proper heat dispersion. They are also not properly sealed for water submersion. You can look at the VPT series small immersion heaters, specifically the VPT-107/120V for a small cartridge style immersion heater.
Answered by: Engineer9
Date published: 2020-03-13

Is it waterproof?? Can I put the wires all the way under water?

Asked by: Tyler
Thank you for your inquiry. Cartridge heaters are designed for dry environments only. The cartridge heater or lead wires cannot be exposed or submerged in water.
Answered by: Application Engineer JB
Date published: 2020-11-05

Can I operate the CSS-02120/120 cartridge heater in the dc voltage range from 0 to 120 Volt to adjust the power?

Asked by: vahit
Thank you for your inquiry. No, this cartridge heater is designed to work only with AC volts.
Answered by: Application Engineer SP
Date published: 2022-11-22

Can a DC voltage be used for the cartridge heaters?

Asked by: Phys101
The CSS and CSH series Cartridge Heaters can be used with DC Voltage.
Answered by: ApplicationsEngineerANB
Date published: 2021-09-14

I have a block of 6160 aluminum (8" x 5" x 2" thick) I want to use for a rubber curing platen. What probe would I use to get approximately 325 degrees? Or do you have a chart showing specific square inch of heating a particular thickness of material?

Asked by: rdjohn
Hi rdjohn, Thank you for the inquiry. You'll need to calculate how much heating power is required to heat up the block plus any mass that is in contact in a given period of time. With that info you can install 1 or 2 cartridges in to the block. Add a temperature sensor for feed back-control. Following link will provide some guidance; Best regards OMEGA
Answered by: NorwalkAE_RS
Date published: 2021-02-17

CSS-03235/120V, What would be the heat up time to 300F? Considering for use in a continuous steam generator so maintaining temp under load is important. Need high steam output. PTC type heater is too slow recovery.

Asked by: Enginerd
The sheath of the Cartridge Heater will heat very quickly but needs to be inserted into a tightly drilled out hole in a metal block. How quickly the block heats will depend on many things like the weight of the block, it's specific heat and the ambient environments temperature. Calculations can be found on line or you can email the Temperature Engineering group at for advice.
Answered by: ApplicationsEngineerANB
Date published: 2020-08-19
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