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Item# CBH-1815/120V

  • Reliable,Premium Quality
  • Steel Sheath
  • 1150 to 8000W
  • 120, 240 Volts
  • 18"(46 cm), to 60" (152 cm) Lengths
Heater Diameter
Supply Voltage
Cartridge Length
Quantity Price each
1-9 $1,507.00
10-24 $1,431.65
25-49 $1,401.51
50-99 $1,341.23
100-199 $1,311.09
200+ $1,280.95

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 6 weeks

Product Specs

  • Heated Medium Solids
  • Maximum Operating Temperature 1600°F
  • Sheath Material Steel

CBH Series heaters are constructed of rugged metal sheathed tubular elements homogeneously combined with a metal sleeve that has been accurately dimensioned to provide a proper clearance and ease of inserting into standard drill hole sizes so large bolts or studs may be rapidly expanded and tightened with a wrench, providing ‘’shrink fit tightness” when cool

Useful in assembly of large compressors, presses, turbines, die blocks, cylinders, engine heads, pressure vessels, etc. Quick heat-up is important to avoid heat drain-away of surrounding metal. CBH heaters are generally used in sets to permit uniform tightening of mating parts.

Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warning.

Watts Dimensions Inches (cm) Max. Stud
Hole Dia.†
Model No. Weight
Ib (kg)
B Htd.
C Htd.
D Cold
E Cold
115018(46)12(30).553 (1.4)1 1/8 (3)6 7/8(17).616(1.6)CBH-1815/120V5(2)
150024(61)18(46).553 (1.4)1 1/8(3)6 7/8(17).616(1.6)CBH-2415/120V5(2)
225030(76)24(61).553 (1.4)2 1/8 (3)6 7/8(17).616(1.6)CBH-3025/*5(2)
260036(91)30(76).553 (1.4)2 1/8(3)6 7/8(17).616(1.6)CBH-3625/*5(2)
120018(46)12(30).660(1.7)3 1/8 (3)6 7/8(17).735(1.9)CBH-1816/120V6(3)
170024(61)18(46).660(1.7)3 1/8(3)6 7/8(17).735(1.9)CBH-2416/120V6(3)
230030(76)24(61).660(1.7)4 1/8 (3)6 7/8(17).735(1.9)CBH-3026/120V6(3)
280036(91)30(76).660(1.7)4 1/8(3)6 7/8(17).735(1.9)CBH-3626/120V6(3)
170018(46)12(30).730(1.9)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).860(2.2)CBH-1827/120V5(2)
250024(61)18(46).730(1.9)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).860(2.2)CBH-2427/120V5(2)
420036(91)30(76).730(1.9)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).860(2.2)CBH-3647/120V6(3)
600048(122)42(107).730(1.9)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).860(2.2)CBH-4867/**6(3)
750060(152)54(137).730(1.9)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).860(2.2)CBH-6177/240V7(3)
270024(61)18(46).855(2.2)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).985(2.5)CBH-2438/240V7(3)
360030(76)24(61).855(2.2)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).985(2.5)CBH-3048/120V8(4)
530042(107)36(91).855(2.2)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).985(2.5)CBH-4258/**8(4)
650048(122)42(107).855(2.2)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17).985(2.5)CBH-4868/240V9(4)
600042(107)36(91).980(2.5)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17)1.110(2.8)CBH-4269/**9(4)
800054(137)48(122).980(2.5)1 1/4(3)6 3/4(17)1.110(2.8)CBH-6189/240V9(4)
† Hole diameter should be held as close to heater diameter as possible for maximum heat transfer and heater life.
* Designate voltage, Insert 120V for 120 VAC or 240V for 240 VAC.
Those model numbers containing /120,/240, or /480 are available only in that voltage.

Save Configuration