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Ceramic Heaters

12 Products found
Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heaters

Model NumberWattageVoltageColorWatt Density*Heater Body Temperature** (Typical Operating) With... Read More

Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heaters 60 x 60 mm (2.36 x 2.36")

Please Specify the Following:Colors: Standard are metamorphing rose and straight white, optional are metamorphing yellow and straight blackWattage: Up to 43 watt... Read More

Series CRT E-Mitters Bulb Style Radiant Heater

Series CRT — Tube Shaped E-Mitter OMEGA’s Screw-In Bulb Series CRT E-Mitter is a hollow, tube-shaped ceramic heater ideally suited for wide area heating. Standard colors are metamorphing rose and straight white Read More

Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heaters 60 x 245 mm (2.36 x 9.65")

Semi-Finished Series CRB E-Mitters listed to the right are stocked ready for color glazing. Colors available are metamorphing rose (cold) to grey (hot), traditional white, metamorp... Read More

Curved Face Ceramic Radiant Heaters 60 x 122 mm (2.36 x 4.80")

Easiest Replacement of Heaters in the Industry E-Mitters are easily replaced by removing the top cover. Wiring entrance side covers are not affected. The heater lead wires are insu... Read More

Bulb Radiant Heaters

Screw-In Bulb E-MittersThe CRE and CRR Style E-Mitter’s are hollow ceramic heaters with a unique thin wall construction and geometrical shape to facilitate fast heating and c... Read More

High Temperature, Low Mass, Vacuum Formed Ceramic Radiant Full Cylinder Heaters

OMEGALUX™ CRFC and CRWS Series radiant heaters are produced using high quality and purity vacuum formed ceramic fiber, with low sodium inorganic bond. Helically wound iron-chrome-a... Read More

quickShip This product has variations available for quick shipping.

Ceramic Heater Plates

OMEGALUX™ ceramic heater plates provide surface temperatures of up to 980°C (1800°F). The large, 16 mm (5/8") ID grooves permit the use of exceptionally heavy gauge heat... Read More

Ceramic Insulated Strip Heaters

The HCS Series stainless steel strip heaters provide clean, dependable heat with sheath temperatures up to 649°C (1200°F) and watt densities up to 40 W per square inch. Because of the seamless stainless steel sheath, these ceramic-insulated strip heaters are dimensionally stable in milled slots. Read More

CERAMIC RIBBON HEATERS Ultra-High Temperature, Helically Wound

Ceramic Ribbon Heaters Ultra-High Temperature, Helically Wound Read More

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