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Pdm Calculator

Predictive Maintenance Done Lite

Let us help you anticipate future issues before they arise.
Where are you with Predictive Maintenance? SEE HOW YOU STACK UP
See how much you can save with PdMlite CALCULATE RESULTS

PDM Calculator Get Ahead of the Game with PdM

Studies have shown that implementing predictive maintenance practices - both automated and manual - could represent cost avoidance and savings up to 15%. We get it, it’s hard to run numbers and see the high level benefit when you’re bogged down with maintenance requests. Hopefully, this calculator gets you and other engineers involved and excited about the business case for moving into predicitve maintenance - what ever the size that fits your needs.

You could be saving up to
year by implementing
predictive maintenance


  • More budget for maintenance innovation
  • Expansion of maintenance projects
  • Less down time
  • Increased maintenance productivity


Watch and Learn How Predictive Maintenance Can Work for You
Why Predictive Maintenance is Important
Having a proper predictive maintenance system will give you data and insight from your machines to significantly prevent the risk of failures, as well as smoothing the process if an issue does transpire. Even a small-scale PdM system can reduce maintenance time by 20-50%. READ MORE
The Building Blocks for PdM
Omega Enterprise Gateway Software, OEG LEARN MORE
Connected Devices LEARN MORE
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