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Pressure Switches

21 Products found
Economical Industrial Pressure Switches for Vacuum to 7500psi

The PSW-800 Series are economical pressure switches which feature an easy-to-adjust setpoint with locking set screw. They utilize a sealed piston or diaphragm-piston design... Read More

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Differential Pressure Switch

The PSW845 is a rugged differential pressure switch, with excellent bypass characteristics. It is able to handle a variety of media to 6000 psig. The PSW845 can be mounted in any orientation, and is capable of withstanding light to moderate mechanical shock and vibratory loads.
Read More

Digital Pressure Switch with Display

Digital Pressure Switch with Display Read More

NEMA-4X Differential Pressure Switches

NEMA-4X Differential Pressure Switches" Read More

General Purpose Differential Pressure Switches

PSW-150 Series differential switches are ideally suited for laboratory and industrial applications where a rugged, repeatable, and dependable switch is required. For ease of installation, ports are tagged high and low, and the setpoint adjusts over the entire range.
Read More

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Economical Differential Pressure Switches/Alarms

The PSW-180 Series differential pressure switch offers a blend of small size, excellent performance and environmental protection. The PSW-180 is available with switch contacts or as an audible alarm.
Read More

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Not Available

Designed for applications in hazardous atmospheres, PSW-400 Series Pressure Switches offer complete reliability due to a rugged, die-cast aluminum enclosure with waterproof... Read More

Solid State Switches for High Cycle Applications

OMEGA’s PSW601 series switches are designed to provide long stable life. They use a thin film sensor with a minimum life of 1 million cycles. Solid state circuitry analyzes... Read More

NEMA-4X Watertight Pressure Switch for Harsh or Corrosive Environments

Ideal for use in harsh and corrosive environments, the PSW-300 Series pressure switches feature stainless steel or Buna-N diaphragm-sealed pistons or diaphragm actuators th... Read More

Economical Brass Pressure Switches

The PSW-190 cylindrical pressure switch has an epoxy-sealed electrical termination. This rugged design enables the switch to withstand harsh environments.
Read More

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