Rockets deploy parachutes to aid in rapidly decreasing the rocket’s re-entry or landing speed. However, before use, it’s essential to test the system. Using s-beam load cells, engineers can test the force applied to the parachute or to the rocket structure.

Load cell force readings are accessible on either a digital panel meter or a data acquisition logger.

OMEGA products used in this application

100,000 lbf, ±0.1%, Linearity, 2 mV/V Output, Cable
100,000 lbf, ±0.1%, Linearity, 2 mV/V Output, Cable
Bridge/Strain Gauge Data Logger
Bridge/Strain Gauge Data Logger
PLATINUMâ„¢ Series Digital Panel Meters
PLATINUMâ„¢ Series Digital Panel Meters


DLC101-1.5K: These s-beam load cells can receive tension or compression output readings and provide superior performance in a compact, versatile package. Install using rod ends or load buttons for best performance. 

LC702-100K: These high-capacity tension link load cells are all stainless steel with an integral connector. They work well for applications including with cables on cranes, support rods in architectural designs, engine test beds, and industrial weighing applications.

OM-CP-BRIDGE120-100: This bridge/strain gauge data logger is available in ranges from ±10 to ±1000 mV and can store up to 32,767 readings. Data retrieval is simple and includes graph displays for quick analysis as well as the ability to export and print professional looking data.

DP8EPT-330-006: The PLATINUMTM series 6-digit display digital panel meters provide high accuracy and are incredibly versatile and easy to use. They include universal inputs, connect via standard USB, and are firmware configurable.

How it Works

  1. The threads of the s-beam load cell are attached on one end to the parachute cable and the other end to the rocket structure.
  2. A data logger or a digital meter reader can be connected to the load cell to read the force measurements.
  3. If using a data logger, you can download data for further analysis.


Engineers can audit the forces applied to the parachute cable and the rocket structure throughout deployment and use. With the use of a data logger, historical data can be tracked and used for further analysis.

Pro Tip

Some force measurement applications have space restraints. In these instances, miniature s-beam load cells can be used to measure tension and compression for both force and load measurement applications while maintaining high accuracy and performance.