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Velocity and Temperature Measurement System

Item# TVS-1004

Velocity and Temperature Measurement System TVS-1004 TVS-1004
  • Portable Kit
  • Air Velocity and Temperature Measurements in One Sensor
  • Single or Multi-Point measurements
  • Candlestick Style flexible,base-and-stem design sensors
  • Minimally Intrusive means Minimal Disturbance
  • Fully Automated
  • High Accuracy
  • Research Quality Results
  • Includes Software for data acquisition & analysis
Supply Voltage
Probe Angle


In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 10 weeks

Product Specs


The TVS-1004 and TVS-1008automatic temperature and velocityscanners are portable, 4- and8-channel hot wire anemometersystems. The TVS-1100 series arefactory expandable for up to 32 totalsensors. Fully automated, theseresearch-quality instruments takeaccurate single- or multi-pointmeasurements of air temperature,velocity and surface temperature incomplex environments, such asPCBs and electronics enclosures.When used as temperature loggers,they can measure both fluid andsolid temperatures.

The TVS-1000 series employpatented, fast response, omnidirectionalsensors, which measureboth temperature and velocity. Thispatented single-sensor technologyeliminates errors introduced as aresult of air flow being non-isothermal.Each precisely calibrated sensor isflexible and robust with a low-profileconfiguration that allows minimallyintrusive mounting throughout thepeaks and valleys created by the PCB components. Thesesystems require a PC tooperate and utilize theprovided software fordata acquisition andreporting.

The candlestick stylesensor, is a flexible,robust, base-and-stemdesign sensor that measures bothtemperature and air velocity forcharacterizing thermal conditions inelectronic systems. The candlesticksensor is narrow and low profile tominimize the disturbance of theheat flow in the test domain. Itfeatures a flexible, plastic-sleevedstem, which facilitates installationand repositioning during the testingprocess. Sensors are calibrated forlow (natural convection) and highvelocity flows. They are capable oftemperature measurements rangingfrom -30 to 150°C ±1°C. Velocitymeasurements range from 0 to 20 m/s (4,000 ft/min). Higher ranges available, contact Omega for details.The use of a single sensor to measure bothtemperature and velocity eliminateserrors that can occur when airflowis non-isothermal. Multiplecandlestick sensors can be easilyinstalled to thoroughly map asystem’s thermal and airflowconditions. Their robust natureallows for continuous repositioningand reading.

Power: 115 to 40 Vac, 1 to 5A, 60-50 Hz
Max No of Channels: 4 for TVS-1004 8 for TVS-1008
Temperature Range: -30 to 150°C ±1°C (-22 to 302°F) ±34°F
Velocity Range: 0 to 20 m/s (4,000 ft/min) ±2% at velocity
Other ranges available, contact Omega for details.
Sensors: Up to 8 with the TVS-1008 Up to 4 with the TVS-1004 TVS-1100 series are factory expandable for up to 32 channels
Measurement Duration: Depends upon the PC storage limitation in the save file mode, unlimited without saving data PC Software with thermal analysis module
Computer Interface: RS232 Port w/USB adaptor Sensor
Height: 12 mm
Base Diameter: 9.5 mm
Sensor Stem Diameter: 0.5 mm
Sensor Bead Diameter: 1.1 mm
Velocity Measurements: 0 to 20 m/s or custom
Temperature Measurements: -30 to 150°C ±1°C

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