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Direct Read Rotameters

Item# FLDA3201C

Direct Read Rotameters FLDA3201C FLDA3201C
  • Direct Read Rotameters for Air, Water, N2, H2, CO2, Ar, He, and O2
  • Rib-Guided or Fluted Metering Tubes Facilitate Stable, Accurate Readings
  • Magnifier Lens in Front Shields to Enhance Reading Resolution
  • Interchangeability of Flow Tubes and Floats
  • Ease of Installation and Exchange of Flow Tube
  • Simple Means of Mounting
Accuracy Value
Connection Size
Float and Float Stop Material
Valve Included
Tube Type
Valve Type
Minimum Flow
Maximum Flow
Media Type
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Quantity Price each
1-9 $125.66
10-24 $119.38
25-49 $116.86
50-99 $111.84
100-199 $109.32
200+ $106.81

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 3 weeks

Product Specs

  • Connection Type NPT
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 121°C (250°F)
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 200 psig/13.8 bars
  • Measurement Units SCFM
  • Repeatability ±0.25%
  • Side Plate Material Aluminum
  • Measurement Type Flow

Designed for direct read flow rates, the FLD Series rotameter is a precision instrument embodying the inherent simplicity, versatility and economy of the classical rotameter. It is particularly suitable for metering carrier gases in chromatography, indicating and controlling gases in manufacturing processes, liquid and gas measurement in laboratories, pilot plants, flow and level indicating, etc. Shipped completely assembled, flow meters include standard mounting fittings in a choice of materials, side plates, thick protective magnifying front shield and back plate, built-in control valve, and flow tubes. Panel-mounting style is convertible to bench mounting through the use of the optional acrylic tripod, FLTR-1. The tripod has a built-in spirit leveler and leveling screws.

Meters come with built-in 6 turn needle valves, high precision metering valves with “non-rising stems” 16 turn, or with no valves. The higher cost of the high resolution valves is justified whenever high sensitivity control and resolution are desirable-particularly in conjunction with metering tubes of very low flow rates. Generally, for gas metering it is recommended that valves are positioned at inlets (bottom) for liquids valves may be positioned either at inlets or outlets (top). For vacuum services, valves must be mounted at outlets. If unspecified at the time of ordering, meters will be shipped with valves mounted at the inlets.

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