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Chlorine Analyzers

If you need chlorine analyzers, Omega has several types to choose from and we have them at the lowest prices possible. We have our FCLTX series free chlorine sensors, which feature highly advanced amperometric measurement technology, handheld dip-strip photometers designed for direct-read water testing, standard chlorine analyzers, and more. At Omega, we specialize in bringing the highest quality equipment and devices to our customers. Shop our inventory of chlorine analyzers and enjoy accurate and dependable results every time. When you buy from Omega, you can rest assured your products will stand the test of time, regardless of the work environment.
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Dip Strip Photometer Tests Water, Over 40 Chemicals/Compounds

OMEGA’s HHWT-12 photometer uses the dip strip method and technologies that offer faster, safer, easier, and more precise water testing. The HHWT-12 has been designed to of...


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Free Chlorine Sensors

The FCLTX series free chlorine sensors feature amperometric measurement technology. They are designed for use in water treatment disinfection applications and for use with ...


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Chlorine Analyzer

Pocket-sized ISE meter for measuring chlorine directly in parts per million. It can also be used to display sample temperature or test for pH and ORP. The unit includes ...


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Dip Strip Photometer for free and total chlorine

OMEGA’s HHWT-11 is a handheld photometer designed for direct read testing water for free and total chlorine. The HHWT-11 has been designed to offer the user a more “green”...


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