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Speed Sensors

Detect speed consistently and reliably with the speed sensors from Omega. We carry the highest-quality speed sensors for every application, including both indoor and outdoor environments. We have models featuring NEMA 56C and NPN environmental ratings and capable of reading from 1 to 60 pulses per revolution. Omega is the brand today’s top professionals trust most. Shop online today and get the high-accuracy sensors you need for your application and get the best quality at the best price.
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Contact/Non-Contact Pocket Laser Tachometer

The HHT13 is a digital, batterypowered portable optical pocket laser tachometers, which operates up to 7.6 m (25') from a reflective target using a laser light ...

Starting at $193.80

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AC or DC Motor Speed Sensors from 1- 20 Pulse per Revolutions per revolution to...

The OMDC-PU-E pick-up sensor is an economical and reliable way to monitor motor speed. Its unique design provides ease of installation in otherwise difficult to rea...

Starting at $129.42

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Digital Tachometer

The OMDC-DM8000 is an economical microprocessor-based digital tachometer system capable of measuring shaft speeds lower than 1 RPM. With an on-board microcomputer co...

Starting at $352.95

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Economical Non-Contact Pocket Optical Tachometer

The HHT12 is a digital, battery-powered portable optical tachometers. The unique design allows you safely view both the target and the display at the same time, whi...

Starting at $143.65

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Digital Stroboscope

The HHT digital stroboscopes provides reliable and accurate speed measurements as well as stop-motion diagnostic inspection. A rotary encoder enables quick, precise...

Starting at $450.50

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Speed Sensor Kit for AC or DC NEMA "C" Face Motors, for usewith Tachometers and ...

The OMDC-CF series sensor mounts directly to a motor’s, NEMA C face. It operates at a 4.5 to 24 Vdc level producing a square wave output which may be used with clos...

Starting at $423.94

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Portable Digital Industrial Stroboscope

OMEGA's HHT41B set the industrial standard for high-intensity, multifunction, ultra-compact, xenon stroboscopes. It features a removable, rechargeable battery pack. Sto...

Starting at $514.25

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Hall Effect Geartooth Pick-Up Sensor for Detecting Speed

The OMDC-MPU-A geartooth pick-up provides speed sensing capabilities using an integrated hall-effect sensor in conjunction with a permanent magnet which supplies a bias fi...

Starting at $148.25

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