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Electronic manometers are used to make precision measurements of low pressures. Units are often millitorr, inches of water, mmHg Pa, kPa, mmH2O and more. Accuracies as high as 0.025% and reading as fine as 1.999 inH2O are available of Gage, Absolute and Differential pressures.
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Handheld Smart Manometer for Differential, Gage and Absolute Pressure

The OMEGA™ HHP350 Series smart manometer brings high precision and value to handheld manometer users. Standard accuracy is ±0.05% FS, including temperature effects, ...

Starting at $1,082.05

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Economical Manometer Single or Differential Inputs

Model HHP91 is a precision manometer for automotive, HVAC, laboratories, and general industrial applications. The unit comes complete with a built-in sensor with dua...

Starting at $224.09

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Digital Manometer for Clean Gases

The HHP8200 Series are low-cost handheld manometers capable of measuring diffe...

Starting at $185.31

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Handheld Pressure Meter and Data Logger with SD Card

OMEGA’s HHP9303 handheld pressure meter and data logger is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Pressure range is selected by interchangeable remote pressure senso...

Starting at $327.52

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Environmental Meters for Differential & Absolute Pressure

The HHC280 Series of handheld manometers are offered in two different models: absolute pressure manometer and precision differential manometer. Both models pr...

Starting at $86.19

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Manometer, Low Cost Handheld

The HHP680 is a low-cost, versatile handheld manometer and one of many Omega Quality manometers. The unit comes complete with tubing, fitting, soft carrying case and...

Starting at $137.90

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Differential Manometer, Dual Input

Omega's HHP886 Series manometers feature a dual pressure input (P1 and P2) and a dual display which can be set to simultaneously display P1 and P2 or P1 and the ...

Starting at $146.52

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High Accuracy Digital Barometer Precision Absolute Manometer

Omega’s HHP360 is a very high accuracy, handheld barometer/ absolute pressure meter suitable for the most demanding field or laboratory conditions. It can measure ab...

Starting at $1,496.00

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GE Druck DPI 705 Handheld Pressure Indicator

Description Compact, robust and lightweight, the DPI 705 Series of d...

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