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Industrial Smart Pressure Transmitter, Long Term Reliability

Item# PX2088S-150GI

Industrial Smart Pressure Transmitter, Long Term Reliability PX2088S-150GI PX2088S-150GI
  • HART Protocol Ready
  • 20:1 Turndown
  • External Zero and Span
  • 0.20% Accuracy
  • Security Jumpers
  • Dual Compartment Housing (watertight electronics compartment)
  • Individually Characterized and Digitally Compensated
  • RFI Protection
Pressure Range
Pressure Type
Accuracy Class
Accuracy Value
Output Signal
Electrical Output
Pressure Port Size
Pressure Port Type
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Quantity Price each
1-4 $1,280.00
5-10 $1,228.80
11-24 $1,203.20
25-49 $1,152.00
50-99 $1,139.20
100+ $1,113.60

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 99 weeks

Product Specs


OMEGA’s PX2088S Series smartpressure transmitters maintain aspecification conformance of at least3σ The reliable performance of theserugged transmitters, when coupledwith the broad selection of options,makes these transducers anexceptional value for tough processapplications. The PX2088S isdesigned to operate safely in theevent of damage or failure to thesensor diaphragm. The electronicscompartment is isolated from theprocess by 2 seals.

A third seal isolates the fieldterminals and conduit entries.This design ensures againsthousing pressurization andprocess contamination.

The electronics incorporates anASIC module that accepts the digitalsignal from the sensor, along with thecorrection coefficients, then correctsand linearizes the signal. This is thenconverted to an analog signal forretransmission. The output sectionalso handles the HART®communications.

The PX2088S smart transducer HART® protocol allows easy access to configuration, test, and setup capabilities. The PX2088S can be configured using a HART® communicator or another HART®-based communications device. Configuration consists of two steps. First, the transmitter operational parameters are set including:
    – Zero and span
    – Damping
    – Engineering units

Second, data can be entered into the transmitter to allow identification and physical description of the transmitter. These data include:
    – Tag: 8 alphanumerics
    – Descriptor: 16 characters
    – Message: 32 characters – Date – Integral meter installation – Remote seal information

In addition to the configurable parameters, the PX2088 software contains information that is not userchangeable. Non-configurable information includes:
    – Transmitter type
    – Sensor limits
    – Minimum span
    – Fill fluid
    – Isolator material
    – Module serial number
    – Transmitter software revision level

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