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Protection Heads

Thermocouple Heads available in a variety of materials and styles to meet the most rugged applications.
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Thermocouple Heads

The industrial style assemblies offer a variety of protection heads to meet the environmental and size requirements of most applications. Available in J, K, T or E calibrat...


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Thermocouple and RTD Protection Heads

OMEGA offers a wide range of thermocouple heads from cast iron to Feraloy Iron Alloy. Material Type Model No. Terminals Wt.(oz) Threaded Openings Features Protect...


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Connection Heads for Thermocouples and RTDs in Sanitary Applications

Model No.MaterialTube EntryWire EntryNB2Aluminum½ NPT½ NPTNB9WWhitePolypropylene½ NPT¾ NPTNB13316 SS½ NPT½ NPTNB14316 SS¼ NPT¼ NPTNB15316 SS½ NPT½ NPTNB16WWhitePolypropyl...


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