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Cryogenic Sensors

3 Products found
Cryogenic Temperature Sensors - Silicon Diodes

The CY670 Series silicon diodes offer a more accurate reading of temperature ranges compared to previously marketed silicone diodes. Conforming to the curve CY670 standard ... Read More

Cryogenic Sensors and Accessories

Typical connection for Cryogenic sensors such as the CY7 series. The connection points (A) are made close to the sensor in the case of 4-lead measurement, and near or at the instrumentation for a 2-lead measurement. Generally, the 4-lead connection is preferred. Read More

Cryogenic Temperature Transmitters for CY7 Series Diode Sensor & Platinum RTD Elements

The CYTX231 temperature transmitters send linearized data to a remote location for a data acquisition system or a recorder using a 4-20 or 0-20mA signal. Standard Curve #10... Read More

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