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Vortex Meter or Pitot Tube Questionnaire

To enter an order for a vortex meter or pitot tube, we request that the following questionnaire be submitted with your order. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.
If you prefer, you can print the PDF Form and fax it to us at 203-359-7700 or email it to .




Water    Other Liquid    Air    Other Gas   
      If you choose "Other Liquid", please fill in 1a),5) and 6)
      If you choose "Other Gas", please fill in 1b)

1a) ***FOR "OTHER LIQUID"***
Max Liquid Vapor Pressure at Operating Temperature:(PSIA)

1b) ***FOR "OTHER GAS"***
Compressibility Factor (Z):

Maximum:   Minimum: 
* Units (choose one):PSI/KPa/inH2O/kg cm2/bar/other: 
* Absolute or Gage? 

Maximum:   Minimum: 
* Units (choose one): GPM/LPM/other: 

Maximum:   Minimum: 

Maximum Acceptable Pressure Drop: 
Pipe Schedule or Wall Thickness: 
Pipe Material: 
Metering Run: Upstream Straight Pipe Run Length: 
                   Downstream Straight Pipe Run Length: 
Nearest Upstream Obstruction (Reducer, Elbow, Globe, Valve, Ball Valve, Expansion, etc.): 

Vortex    Pitot   
This Is CAPTCHA Image 


Providing This Information Helps OMEGA
Assure You The Best Instrumentation
To Fit Your Application. Thanks
For Your Cooperation!

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