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New Data Logging, Charting and Alarm Notification System

  • Real Time Data Logging, Charting and Alarm Monitoring
  • Supports all OMEGA® iServer Ethernet Products
  • Email and Text Message Alarm Notification
  • Global Access to Widely Dispersed Data Monitoring Systems
  • Free Download from Omega® Dashboard
Real Time Data Logging, Charting and Alarm Monitoring via Free Download
OMEGA Dashboard Windows® web server provides a comprehensive data logging, charting and alarm notification system for all OMEGA iServer web connected devices, including the PLATINUM series, iSeries, and all OMEGA wireless products via Free Download. This “mini-cloud” system allows users to view charts and graphs, monitor and record readings, and receive alarm information from virtually any type of iServer connected device--on any computer, tablet, or smartphone that supports a web browser.

Data Chart
Data Chart
Supports Both Standard and Secure (SSL) OMEGA Connected Devices
OMEGA® iServer products support a full range of standard environmental (temperature, humidity, barometric pressure) sensing devices as well as extended support for thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, pH, voltage, current and specialized sensor devices. Sensing devices may be connected directly to a local Ethernet connection or connected wirelessly using IEEE 802.11 b/q (WiFi) or IEEE 802.15.4 transceivers. OMEGA Dashboard is ideal for all iServer and wireless web connected devices.

User Defined Email and Text Message Alarm Notification
User defined alarm conditions will generate immediate email or text messages to individuals or groups. Alarms will be triggered when data readings are above or below specific points. Both real-time and previously recorded data may be viewed through standard web browsers, providing flexible global access to enterprise wide data acquisition and monitoring systems.

Data sampling times for each device may be independently set and all scaling may be adjusted. Data minimum and maximum values are displayed and specific data points may be individually highlighted. All data can be directly exported to standard spreadsheets such as Microsoft Excel® or Visual Basic® data acquisition programs.

Global Access to Widely Dispersed Data Monitoring Systems
The OMEGA® Dashboard password protected access provides centralized configuration control on all connected devices.
  • Stay Connected Globally
  • Improved Accessibility to Your Data
Data Chart
OMEGA Dashboard

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