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Remote Monitoring: Pros & Cons of Remote Process Monitoring

Process Monitoring By allowing people to see status data from anywhere, remote monitoring is ideal for situations with harsh or dangerous environmental conditions or where a single individual or team must monitor results from multiple locations or sources. Typically, the user accesses the information using a browser and the Internet, so it is inexpensive and easy to set-up. Remote monitoring may be combined with cellular or wireless monitoring to trigger alerts when conditions at the remote site warrant review or action. Remote monitoring often includes remote diagnostic capability, which allows the team to diagnose issues and often take corrective action remotely.

Pros of Remote Monitoring

  • Accessible from any location with Internet access
  • Provides safe monitoring in dangerous environments
  • Flexible – manages voice and data
  • Alerts for out of range conditions

Cons of Remote Monitoring

  • Susceptible to power failures
  • May require personnel to go on-site to reset or repair equipment when out of range conditions occur

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