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Calibration Equipment
Dry Block Calibrators for Test Applications

Model Description Image
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CL-355A Portable Dry Block Calibrator
CL-700A Series Dry Block Calibrators
CL-770A, 780A, 790A Series Dry Block Calibrators
CL1000 Series Miniature hot point® Dry Block Calibrator
CL120 and CL134 Series Block Calibrator Offering Simultaneous Heating and Cooling in One Unit. Features "Universal Jaw" to Accept Irregularly Shaped Sensors
CL1201 High Temperature Dry Block Calibrator
CL900 and CL950 Series hot point® Dry Block Probe Calibrator
CL900A and CL950A Series hot point Dry Block Probe Calibrator with RS-232 Communications
TCL-650S, TCL-M165S-B, TCL-M255S-B, TCL-3M165E Dry Block Temperature Calibrators and micro-Bath Calibrators
TRCIII Ice Point Calibration Reference Chamber and Temperature Reference Probes, High Precision Base Model TRCIII
TRCIII-A Portable Ice Point Calibration Reference Chamber with Built in Temperature Readout

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