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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

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DMD Series Alarm Module - DC Input to Single Alarm

DMD1080 Series accepts DC voltage or current input. Provides visual alarm indication/alarm relay contact outputs. Input tracker and alarms status LEDs.

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Signaling Alarms - Dual Tone, NEMA 4X IP65 for Harsh Environments

Signaling alarms -dual tone, nema 4x ip65 for harsh environments. Adjustable sound pressure levels. Selectable continuous/pulsing and wobble. Plug-in terminal block

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70A series Low Cost Audible Alarm Annunciators (buzzer)

70A Temperature Alarm Srs are piezoelectric transducers that operate as a solid state oscillator with loud, audible alarm tone. Can be connected to temperature controller.

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Automatic Alarm Dialer with 4 Input Channel Monitoring

Automatic alarm dialer that monitors four analog or digital inputs, individually selectable. Calls up to eight phone numbers on alarm condition. Wall mount or panel mount.

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Alarms are a critical component used in many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory applications to alert personnel of potential risks and hazards. Omega Engineering offers a wide variety of alarm solutions, from audible alarms to signaling alarms for harsh environments. Our water leak alarms provide an early warning system to alert you of potential water damage, while our eight-channel alarm dialers provide an effective way to monitor multiple inputs. From low-cost alarm annunciators to DC input limit alarms, our alarm solutions are designed to ensure maximum safety in any environment.
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