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Safety Data Sheets


Safety Data Sheets

Model Description Test SDS Number Revision Date (mmyy)
CML00010 Aerosol SDS-0039 0715
BCY01 Accelerator for Z70 SDS-0036 0615
CC BINDER 8oz BINDER SDS-0065 0515
CDSA-1-NACL 1% Sodium Chloride (NACL) SDS-0044 0620
CDSA-10, Conductivity Std., 10 µS/cm SDS-0020 0623
CDSA-10-NACL 10% Sodium Chloride (NACL) SDS-0045 0620
CDSA-15 Conductivity Std., 15 µS/cm SDS-0097 0620
CDSA-1413, Conductivity Std.,1413 µS/cm SDS-0021 0620
CDSA-1500, Conductivity Std., 1500 µS/cm SDS-0022 0620
CDSA-45, Conductivity Std., 45 µS/cm SDS-0035 0623
CDSA-450 Conductivity Std., 450 µS/cm SDS-0023 0620
CDSA-4500 Conductivity Std. 4500 µS/cm SDS-0024 0417
CDSA-45000, Conductivity Std., 45000 µS/cm SDS-0025 0420
DFG-RS5 Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMH) Battery SDS-0088 0506
DPG1000B,DPG3500B,DPG3600B,DPG5600B AA Alkaline Battery Product Information Sheet SDS-0056 0115
EP310S PART A Two-component Epoxy resin adhesive SDS-0016 0615
EP310S PART B Two-component Epoxy resin adhesive SDS-0017 0615
FCL-ES Electrolyte Solution SDS-0043 0516
FDT-31 Series SDS-080 0111
FLSC790-BATT Battery for FLSC790 Series SDS-0007 0315
FMA78BP Battery Pack SDS-0073 0717
FMG470 Series Battery only SDS-0099 0119
HTGEL and STDGEL General Grease SDS-0100 0124
Green Label Thinner SDS-0068 1015
LAQ-0175G,LAQ-0200G,LAQ-0250G,LAQ-0275G,LAQ-0300G,LAQ-0313G,LAQ-0325G,LAQ-0350G,LAQ-0363G,LAQ-0375G,LAQ-0550G,LAQ-0575G,LAQ-0600G,LAQ-0700G,LAQ-0750G,LAQ-0850G,LAQ-0900G,LAQ-1050G,LAQ-1100G,LAQ-1150G,LAQ-1200G,LAQ-1250G,LAQ-1300G,LAQ-1400G,LAQ-1500G,LAQ-100G,LAQ-1700G,LAQ-1800G,LAQ-1900G SDS-0046 1015
LAQ-0225G,LAQ-0425G SDS-0048 1015
LAQ-0400G SDS-0047 1015
LAQ-0450G SDS-0049 1015
LAQ-0475G,LAQ-0488G,LAQ-0500 SDS-0050 0315
LAQ-0650G SDS-0051 1215
LAQ-0800G SDS-0052 0815
LAQ-0375G, LAQ-0950G, LAQ-1000G, LAQ-1150G, LAQ-1200G and LAQ-1500G SDS-0053 0120
LAQ-1450G SDS-0054 1015
MWTC-A-BATT SDS-0038 0315
OB-100 Part A and Part B SDS-0001 0415
OB-101 OMEGABOND® (Part A and B) SDS-0002 0714
OB-102 Part A SDS-0092A 1222
OB-102 Part B SDS-0092B 1222
OB-200 Epoxy (Part A & B) SDS-0003 0320
OB-300 OMEGABOND 300 SDS-0058 1015
OB-400 OMEGABOND 400 SDS-0059 0515
OB-500L OMEGABOND 500L SDS-0060 0620
OB-500P OMEGABOND 500P SDS-0061 0620
OB-600 OMEGABOND 600 SDS-0062 0220
OB-700 OMEGABOND 700 SDS-0063 0415
OB-TL Thinning Liquid SDS-0096 1021
OM-CP-BAT101 and OM-CP-BAT105 3.6v Lithium -Thionyl Chloride Battery SDS-0071 0916
OM-CP-BAT102 and OM-CP-BAT109 Lithium Metal Thionyl Chloride Battery SDS-0070 0316
OM-CP-BAT103 9-Volt Lithium Manganese Dioxide Batteries SDS-0074 0315
OM-CP-BAT107 3.6v Lithium -Thionyl Chloride Battery SDS-0072 0114
OM-CP-BAT110 3.6v Lithium -Thionyl Chloride Battery SDS-0069 0114
OM-CP-BAT111 1.55 V silver oxide battery SDS-0057 1010
OM-EL-BATT SDS-0013 0715
OM-PR-BATT Litium Battery SDS-0008 0615
OM2000-BP Battery CA-CE-E01-07 0209
OS-BATT-VIR50 SDS-0078 0618
OT-201 OMEGATHERM Thermal Conducting Paste SDS-0005 0914
PHA-10 Buffer Solution pH 10.0 SDS-0030 0620
PHA-10-GAL Buffer Solution pH 10.0 Gallon SDS-0031 0620
PHA-4 Buffer Solution pH 4.0 SDS-0026 0221
PHA-4-GAL Buffer Solution pH 4.0 Gallon SDS-0027 0221
PHA-7 Buffer Solution pH 7.0 SDS-0028 0321
PHA-7-GAL Buffer Solution pH 7.0 Gallon SDS-0029 0321
PHA-4-GAL-CLEAR Buffer Solution pH 4.0 Gallon -Colorless SDS-0098 0720
PHA-DI Deionized Water 500 ML (1 PT) SDS-0032 0121
PHAB-DI Deionized Water (20pkts) SDS-0034 0121
PHA-DI-GAL Deionized Water 4L (1 GAL) BOTTLE SDS-0033 0121
PHAB-PH SDS-0006 1014
PHE-1304 PH Electrode SDS-0042 0718
PHFS-7151 KCL Refill Solution SDS-0082 0713
RH 87 Battery: 9-Volt Carbon Zinc Battery SDS-0075 0117
RMS1 Cleaning agent SDS-0018 0615
RMS1-SPRAY Cleaning agent spray SDS-0019 0615
RDXL6SD-USB Internal battery SDS-0101 0123
SG401 Instant Adhesive SDS-0011 0814
SG496 Instant Adhesive SDS-0012 1014
Thermcoat CO Cement SDS-0041 0515
Thermcoat COL Liquid SDS-0009 0713
Thermcoat SL Silicone Lacquer (Liquid) SDS-0010 0114
TL Series Labels SDS-0040 0515
TT300 Strain Gage Adhesive Kit SDS-0014 0715
Water Quality Test Strips WTS-480005 SDS-0084 1018
Water Quality Test Strips WTS-480008 SDS-0086 1018
Water Quality Test Strips WTS-480011 SDS-0085 1018
Water Quality Test Strips WTS-480014 SDS-0083 1018
Water Quality Test Strips WTS-480025 SDS-0087 1018
Z70 Rapid Adhesive SDS-0015 0615
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