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Probes with Lead Wires

65 Products
RTD Probe with Insulated Wire and Shrink-Tube Support

Omega's RTD probe with lead wire offers choice of 2-3- or 4-wire configuration. This is available in three temperature ranges covering -200°C to 600°C (-328 to 1112°F)

Thermocouple Probes with SS Overbraid Cable & Mini Connector

Thermocouple probes have a metal transition between the sensor & cable. Cable has a Stainless Steel Overbraid to protect it from damage and a miniature connector attached.

Small Diameter Immersion Thermocouple Probes with PFA cable

Configurable thermocouples with 0.010", 0.020", 0.032", or 0.040" diameter probes, metal transition joints and PFA insulated extension wires.

Extreme Temperature Exotic Thermocouple Probes w/Lead Wire

Thermocouple probe assemblies with exotic sheath materials for extreme temperature applications up to 2315°C & lead wires. Available in type R, S, B, C, and D calibrations.

RTD Probes with Mounting Threads and Lead Wire

Class A, pt100 RTD immersion probes with 1/8" NPT mounting threads. 40 inch long PFA insulated lead wires and 3-prong connector come standard.

Thermocouple Probes with a Compact Transition to Lead Wire

Small diameter (0.062" or less) thermocouple probes with a compact transition joint between the probe and PFA or Fiberglass extension cable. Use where space is limited.

Class B RTD Sensors for Specialized Applications

Family of 100 ohm, Class B accuracy RTD sensors including surface mount, bolt down, immersion, air sensing and screw down designs. Sold in 3-Packs.

Immersion Thermistor Probes with 1/8" NPT Fitting & Lead Wire

Thermistor probes with 1/8" NPT mounting threads for liquid immersion and pressurized applications. Five resistances and two accuracies available.

Cut to Length Thermocouple Probes for Field Adaptation

Thermocouple probes that can be cut to the desired length with a standard tube cutter to fit field applications. Plastic plug in tube end protects the wires from sharp edges.

Extruder RTD Probes with Compression Fittings

Thin-film element RTD probes with 1/8" NPT brass compression fittings and armored cable. Commonly used in extruder & molding equipment. Straight and bend options available.

RTD Sensors for Specialized Applications

Family of 100 ohm, Class A accuracy RTD sensors including surface mount, bolt down, immersion, air sensing and screw down designs.

Thermocouple Probes with SS Tips for Plastic Extruders

Probes with Stainless Steel Tips for use under the high pressures and temps found in plastic extruders. Available in single & dual element options with 1/2"-20 NF threads.

Thermistor Probe with Detachable Connector Assy

Thermistor probe has a 1/8" NPT mounting thread and audio connector. Comes with a mating connector and extension cable. Several resistance & accuracy options available.

Integrated Circuit Temperature Probes

Probe contains an integrated circuit (IC) transducer AD592CN that provides an output in microamps that is proportional to temperature. Requires 4 to 30 VDC input voltage.

Thermocouple Probes with PFA Insulated Lead Wire

Configurable thermocouple probes with PFA insulated cable that is rated to 260°C. Available in Stainless Steel, Inconel, and Omegaclad XL sheaths.

Thermocouple Probes with Lead Wire & Molded Mini Transition

Configurable thermocouple probes with lead wire. Molded transition joint from probe to cable is miniature (260°C max). Probe diameters range from .010" to .125".

Pipe Plug Thermocouple Probes with NPT Fitting and Lead Wire

Thermocouple sensors great for installing into pipes or limited space applications. 1/8" or 1/4" NPT mounting threads available with 72" of Stainless Steel overbraid cable.

RTD Probe with Insulated Wire and BX Armored Cable

Omega's "BX" armored probe is designed for resistance to abrasion and snagging and excessive movement. Comes with choice of PFA- or fiberglass-coated wires.

Hollow Tube Style Thermocouple Probes

Wire-in-tube construction provides the simplicity of a wire thermocouple in a rigid probe package. Available in a variety of sizes and calibrations.

Thermocouple Probes with Inconel Overbraided Nextel Cable

Thermocouple probes with a metal transition between the sensor & cable. Cable is Nextel Insulated and is rated up to 815°C with Inconel Overbraid to protect it from damage.

Probes with Lead Wires

Used when the probe is installed some distance from the logger, controller, or other data acquisition device. Available in a variety of lead wire types with stripped leads or connectors attached.
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