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High Temp Relative Humidity Temperature Transmitter w/ Probe

The HX15 Series Signal Conditioner has a remote stainless steel probe included with wall or duct mount models. 2% RH, 0.5°C accuracy. Two probe options available.

Alta Long Range Wireless IIoT Humidity Sensors

The ALTA wireless humidity sensors allow you to monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure. Click here to learn more.

Handheld Temperature /Humidity Meter w/USB 32K pt. Data Logger

The HH414 is a high performance temperature and humidity meter with real time data logging capability. It offers an LCD display to show the temperature, humidity, time & date

Handheld Temperature/Humidity Meter with SD Card Data Logger

The RHXL5SD is a low cost, high performance temperature and humidity meter with data logging capability. Features LCD to display temperature, humidity, time & date.

Temperature/Humidity/Dew Point Meter w/Optional Data Logger

The THDP-10 Series is a Handheld Digital Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point Meter with Min/Max, Data Storage, and Data Hold Features. On Line Data Logging with DL Model

Temperature/Relative Humidity Conditioner/Transmitter Probe

HX94 Series conditioners/transmitters measure temperature and relative humidity with process outputs. Stainless steel NEMA 4 (IP65) housing. Duct or wall mount probes.

Portable Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with LCD Display

The OM-HL-SH Series portable temperature and humidity data loggers can be used for a wide range of applications including coolers, freezers, museums, labs and greenhouses.

Pressure, Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

The OM-CP-PRHTEMP101A a pressure, relative humidity and temperature data logger designed for museum, archive preservation, transportation, HVAC, and clean room applications.

Intrinsically Safe Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and Humidity data logger carries FM approvals and records up to 32.8K readings. Features a rugged compact design for hostile environments or hard to reach places.

Micro Relative Humidity & Temperature Data Logger

The OM-CP-MICRORHTEMP is a miniature, battery-powered, stand-alone temperature and humidity data logger that records 16,383 measurements per channel.

4-IN-1 Air Velocity/Humidity/Light/Temperature Meter

The 4 IN 1 HHF81 Meter can measure air flow, humidity, temperature and light. The built-in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.

Pocket Size Temperature/Humidity and Dewpoint Data Logger

The reliable and accurate RH32 Series Temperature/Relative Humidity Meters measure and display both temperature from -10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F) and humidity from 0-100% RH.

Stick Type Rugged Hygrometer & Transducer

Hygrometer & transducer uses Pt385/1000 Ohm RTD sensor to measure an environments ambient temp, humidity, & dew point temp. 60 sec response time allows for real time data.

Portable USB Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers with Display

The OM-70 Series of NOMAD portable temperature and humidity data loggers can be used for a wide range of monitoring and logging applications. Plug into USB for PDF report.

Pocket Testers for Ambient Temperature and Relative Humidity

Pocket testers simultaneously display of ambient temp & relative humidity. Maximum sensing temp of 60°C. Testers have 80 sec response time & are available with optional clip.

Temperature Humidity Alarm with Logging Capability

The OM-THA2-U is a multi-function unit that records temperature, relative humidity and dew point and generates audible and visual alarms for any out-of-range conditions.

Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers with 2 External Inputs

The OMYL-RH25 Series temperature/humidity data loggers feature both internal sensors and external inputs (Pt100/Pt1000 RTD/Thermistor) or Temperature/Humidity Probes.

Pinless Moisture Meter

The pinless HHMM257 handheld moisture meter incorporates a moisture sensor that monitors the moisture in wood and other building materials without causing surface damage.

Portable Thermometer Thermocouple Data Loggers with SD Card

The Handheld RDXL-SD Series are portable thermometer/data loggers with backlight display and built-in analysis functions. Supports most standard thermocouple and RTD types.

8 Channel Handheld Thermocouple Thermometer/Data Logger

The portable OM-HL-EH-TC logger is a high-speed, eight-channel handheld thermometer/data logger with a large LCD display, that supports all 8 types of thermocouple inputs.

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