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Data Acquisition Knowledge Base

General Notes
Connecting Relays to a Digital Output Board and Noise Considerations
Converting Current and Voltage Inputs To Engineering Units Such As PSI, GPM and LBS
Contact Closure Inputs - Using a Digital I/O Board to Measure a Contact Closure Using a Pull-Up Resistor
EPP Test: Determining Your Computer's Parallel Port Type
How to measure a 4-20ma Input With a Voltage Input Device
Low Pass Filters - Reduce Electrical Noise on an Analog Input Signal.
Measuring a 4-20ma Input With a Voltage Input Device
NOISE - Sources of Noise and Some Typical Solutions
Programming PCI Boards in DOS
RS-232 , RS-422 , RS-485 - Differences and Typical Applications
RS-232 Wiring and Connector Diagrams
RS-232 Port - The "Loop-Back" Test
Thermocouple Input Devices- Troubleshooting
Single-Ended vs Differential Inputs
USB (Universal Serial Bus)-Description
Voltage Dividers - Drop the Voltage of a Signal So That it Can Be Measured With a Smaller Input Range
Wiring a Bridge Type Sensor - Connecting a Full-Bridge Type Load Cell or Pressure Sensor to an Analog Input Device
Product Specific Notes
DasyLab Software
Using DasyLab Software With The D1000 Modules
Data Shuttle
DATASHUTTLE: Problems With Communications/Device Not Responding
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - DS-EXP power LED light blinks red OR is solid red
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - DS-EXP is not found using ECP mode on Dell Latitude.
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - DS-EXP is not found using SPP mode on Dell Latitude XPi, under Windows 95, but works in Windows 3.1 or DOS.
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - DTEST finds non-ECP port on Dell Latitude XPi CD P150ST, even with BIOS set to ECP, and Win95 finds an ECP port.
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - Unit is Not Found in parallel port ECP mode. DTEST reports that the port is ECP, but the port is actually working in SPP mode
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - Problem using DS-EXP with an HP Omnibook 4000CT
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - DS-EXP is not found under Windows 95, but is found with DTEST in DOS. Port type is ECP or SPP
DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - Unit is Not Found in Windows and is Not Found by DTEST
DATASHUTTLE or DATASHUTTLE EXPRESS - A device does not work when connected to the passthrough port of the DS-EXP or DS
Common Problems with Data Acquisition Devices That Communicate to a Parallel Port, Such as a DATASHUTTLE, OMB-DAQBOOK or OMB-TEMPBOOK, etc.
OM-NOMAD:Logger Downloads Temperature and Humidity With Temperature Only Model
OMB-DBK19: Configuration and the DAQBOOK.CAL file
WorkBench Software
Workbench PC for DOS and Quicklog for DOS: Using the Serial Icon to Communicate With an RS-232 or RS-422 Device
Workbench for Windows: Some typical installation and start-up problems and solutions
Workbench for Windows: DDE Output from WorkBench PC for Windows into Microsoft Excel
Workbench for Windows: Using the IEEE Icon
WB-FAI, WB-AAI and WB-ASC: Problems with Pentium PCs

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