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Omega carries air to air thermoelectric coolers for assemblies powered by 60-watt to 200-watt sources. Our thermoelectric coolers are compact in design and feature durable solid-state construction. They work by employing forced air convection provided by IP54 axial fans. The results are efficient and effective and they're compatible with Omega's FGT100 and FGT200 series thermostats. Order the coolers you need from Omega and enjoy better performance for less.
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Transmitters for use with CY670 Sensors and Platinum RTDs

Converts the Silicon Diode or Platinum RTD output from a resistance output to linearized milliamp or voltage output


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Compact Air-to-Air Thermoelectric Coolers

The air-to-air Thermoelectric Cooler is available from 60 to 200W and provides a solid-state cooling solution for a range of industrial applications.


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