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Pipe and Tube Fittings

22 Products
Stainless Steel Adaptors for NPT Threads

The PX-Adaptors series contains dozens of stainless steel adaptors that can adapt up to 1/2 NPT or down to 1/8 NPT in any combination of male and female fittings.

Polypropylene Quick Couplings & High Flow Couplings

The FT-HFC-12 Series is a quick high flow coupling as a replacement for bulky, heavy brass or stainless steel couplings in many applications.

Pressure and Temperature Test Plugs with Self-Sealing Insert

The OPNE series of test plugs can be installed in a line at recommended test points to protect the valve until an instrument is temporarily installed for readings.

Thermoplastic Quick Couplings - Acetal

Acetal, our most popular coupling material. With 1 /4 ' flow, it offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations for 1 /4 ' to 3 /8 ' plastic tubing.

Push-to-Connect Pneumatic Airline Fittings

The OM-AIR series has been discontinued. Please contact our Flow Engineering department for a viable replacement.

Chrome-Plated Brass Quick Couplings 1/8" Flow

FT-MC Series couplings offer 1/8" flow with the durability and attractiveness of chrome-plated brass. They provide excellent service at high pressures.

Speciality Quick Couplings Assortment Kits

OMEGA offers two kits: A handy assortment in acetal for general purpose use (the Lab Pak) or polypropylene couplings for greater chemical resistance (the Chem Pak)

Chrome-Plated Brass Mechanically Keyed Quick Couplings

Keyed OMEGA quick couplings are designed for small flexible hose and plastic tubing applications which require positive mechanical connections and non-interchangeable lines.

Subminiature Thermoplastic Quick Couplings

Available for in-line, panel mount and pipe thread configurations. FT-SMC couplings are a reliable alternative to luer-type connections in medical instruments and devices.

Speciality Quick Couplings For 3 to 5 Lines

Quick, convenient multiple couplings connect and disconnect several tubing lines at once and are easily made up from standard OMEGA Quick Couplings.

Chrome-Plated Brass Quick Couplings

Chrome-Plated Brass Quick Couplings FT-LCD170-05-VITON FT-LCD230-04-VITON.

Thermoplastic Quick Couplings - Polypropylene 1/8" & 1/4" Flow

Polypropylene couplings in 1/8" and 1/4" flow. This series of couplings offers most of the same sizes and configurations as the FT-PMC and FT-PLC Series.

OMEGALOK Adaptors, Fittings & Bushings

Standard Dimension Adaptors and Reducing Bushings. Available in SS, Brass, or Carbon Steel Reduce Down to 1/8 NPT . Adapt Up to 1 NPT. Compression Fittings Ferrule Design.

Plastic Fittings for Tubing and Hose (1/16" ID - 1" ID)

OMEGA offers kits for organization of a wide variety of fittings. Each unit consists of 4 impact-resistant boxes in a storage rack. The individual boxes can be removed.

Tube Fittings

OMEGA's tube fittings solve many small tubing problems. Made of polypropylene, they provide chemical compatibility. Sized for 1/16", 3/32" and 1/8" plastic tubing

Polysulfone Quick Couplings - High Flow Couplings

New FT-HFC-35 Series couplings are designed to withstand the rigors of demanding applications. Their polysulfone construction imparts physical strength

Flush Mount Adapters for PX102 and PX103 Series Transducers

The PX102-Adapt series, with o-rings included, are made specifically for Omega's flush mount transducer models PX102, PX103, PX440, and PX510.

Pipe and Tube Fittings

Choose from a wide range of durable couplings, adaptors, bushings, and fittings made up of different materials to facilitate a secure connection for pipes and tubes.
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