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Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Strain Gauges

Available in a variety of models to cover most strain measurement applications. Rugged construc...
7 Products
Strain Gauge Accessories
Products to assist with strain gauge application and testing including bridge completion modules, adhesives, resistors, and application kits.
Torsion and Shear Strain Gauges
Shear/Torque Strain Gages are for measuring shear strain and torque, typical applications are for measurements on torsion bars and determining shear stresses in shear beam load cells.
Diaphragm Strain Gauges
Diaphragm Strain Gauges provide a full bridge for convenient installation, different diameters, for fitting the intended diaphragm size, are available.
Dual Parallel Strain Gauges
Dual Parallel Strain Gauges strain gauges have two measuring grids arranged parallel to each other. Typical applications include measurements on bending beams
Rosette Strain Gauges
Rosette Strain Gages have three measuring grids arranged at an angle of 0°/45°/90° or 0°/60°/120°
Linear Strain Gauges
Linear Pattern Strain Gages are the most straightforward geometry of strain gauge, designed to indicate strain in only a single direction.
T-Rosette Strain Gauges
Tee Rosette Strain Gages are for measuring orthogonal strains when the principle directions of stress are known. All patterns have two grids oriented at 0° and 90° angles.
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