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Smart Wireless Sensors

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Omega Link Wireless IIoT Smart Environmental Sensors

Omega Link Cloud Connected smart environmental sensors monitor Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light and offer multiple user configurable alarms with e-mail and SMS alerts

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Smart Wireless Sensors

Smart Wireless Sensors are revolutionizing the way data is collected and monitored in a wide variety of applications – ranging from in a factory to in a laboratory. These sensors provide intelligent solutions that are easy to configure and install.

Omega Engineering offers a selection of Wireless smart sensors that feature long range, secure communications Internal data logging, and long battery life. The long-range Wireless Process and Pulse Smart Sensors provide a secure and robust connectivity for all Omega Link Smart Probes and feature up to 5 years of battery life and a rugged IP65 housing. Omega Link Wireless IIoT Smart Environmental Sensors can monitor temperature, humidity, pressure, and light with user configurable alarms that provide e-mail and SMS alerts. The Wireless Thermocouple/RTD Smart Sensors are used for applications such as monitoring temperatures in food processing, controlling temperatures in laboratories, and measuring temperatures in industrial processes. Omega's Smart Wireless Sensors provide data that can be used to make informed decisions in various industries and labs.
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