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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Surface Heaters

These surface heaters are designed to provide surface heating in a variety of forms that can be...
5 Products
Flexible heaters
These silicone rubber and polyimide flexible heaters are known for their fast cycle times, thin thickness, flexible nature and adhesive installation features.
Heat Guns
Heat guns are devices capable of generating high temperature forced air which makes them perfect for heating sensitive materials that require non-contact heating like shrink tubing or packaging.
Tape and Rope Heaters
These tape and rope heaters are designed for heating curved surfaces such as cables, pipes and tubes. These are used in laboratory environments, component assemblies and many other places.
Drum Heaters
Omega's drum heaters and tank heaters are designed for high quality and efficient heat transfer. These heaters can be used to provide freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids and more.
Band Heaters
Omega offers a variety of high quality band heaters designed to last. Selection includes band heaters and nozzle heaters of various materials such as stainless steel, mica, chrome and incoloy.
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