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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Motion and Position

Omega has all your motion control products in one place. We have motors, actuators, motor contr...
10 Products
Speed Sensors
Speed sensors for both indoor and outdoor environments with options featuring kits for motors, geartooth pickup, tachometers, and stroboscopes.
Stepper Drives
Our industrial-grade stepper drives are made of the highest quality materials, allowing them to perform better and last longer than drives from other manufacturers.
Rotary Displacement and Encoders
Industrial rotary encoders and length sensors that provide precision motion control feedback for processes requiring the need to measure and control speed, position and distance.
Velocity sensors and several types of accelerometers made to industrail standards for measuring vibration in a variety of applications and detecting potential machine failures before they occur.
Speed Controllers
Omega speed controllers are essential for controlling the speed of a motor in any given application. We carry a variety of speed controllers, covering needs from food to pharmaceutical industries.
Stepper Motors
We carry a wide variety of stepper motors including washdown stepper motors for use in wet or dusty environments, 2-phase bipolar motors, integrated stepper motors, and more.
AC and DC Motors
Omega's AC and DC motors are built to deliver reliable long-term performance. With a variety of models available, we have motors for all your application's needs.
Omega carries a wide variety of pneumatic grippers with a wide range of gripping forces and stroke lengths. We carry mineature or robust models or for clean or harsh environments.
Proximity Sensors
Cutler-Hammer® proximity sensors that deliver the results you're looking for. Choose from photoelectric sensors, 2-wire AC and 3-wire DC inductive sensors, sensors with LED indicators, and more.
Displacement Transducers
Displacement transducers, non-contact displacement sensors, LVDT sensors, LVIT sensors and potentiometers with a variety of electrical outputs to measure and transmit travel ranges.
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