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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Electrical Components

Electrical components contain the accessories you need to work with your Omega sensors and devi...
10 Products
Securely extend your wire and cable across vacuum and pressurized environments. Feed through single to many wires. Connect and seal to temperature sensors and protection tubes with NPT mountings.
Manual Disconnect Switches
Manual Disconnect Switches are used in a wide variety of industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory applications, as they provide the perfect solution for secure and reliable disconnection from a power...
Transformers are an essential component in many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory applications – allowing for the measurement of current and voltage in electrical systems. Omega Engineering’s...
Heating Wire and Cables
High quality nickel/chromium heating wire can be used to make straight or helical resistance heaters. They heat up fast, are corrosion resistant and come in a range of maximum operating temperatures.
Panel Connectors and Assemblies
Anodized aluminum panels, steel panels and conduit boxes to connect many connectors including: mini, universal, round, two and three prong and high temperature in thermocouple and RTD offers.
Alarms are a critical component used in many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory applications to alert personnel of potential risks and hazards. Omega Engineering offers a wide variety of alarm...
Pushbutton Switches
Pushbutton Switches are often essential in industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory systems – used to control circuits, motors, and other equipment. Omega Engineering’s selection of pushbutton switc...
Pressure-Force Cables and Connectors
Connectors used for pressure and force sensors. Includes cable assemblies for pressure transducers and load cells, DIN connectors, twist lock connectors, push on connectors, and dynamic sensor cables.
Hookup Wires
Hookup wires are crucial components in many industrial, manufacturing, and laboratory applications. From low-outgassing fiberglass insulation to PVC and TFE insulation to Nextel and Silica insulation...
Terminal Blocks and Lugs
Wide variety to complete your connection with DIN rail mountable, round terminals, relays, fuse terminals, screw connections and double to triple level feed throughs.
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