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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

Force & Strain Measurement

Load cells, tank weighing devices, balances, scales, force gauges, torque sensors and strain ga...
8 Products
Tank Weighing Devices
Heavy duty, industrial grade tank weighing devices that couple self-adjusting weighing assemblies with our load cells to weigh tanks up to 20,000 pounds.
Torque Sensors
Industrial-grade torque sensors and thrust cells for every application. Flange to shaft mount models, surface key mount models, shaft mount models, flange mount models, and more.
Balances and Scales
Omega balances and scales deliver accurate measurements over the long-term. With scales capable of weighing materials up to 1,000-pounds and options for remote indicators and benchtop models.
Force Gauges
Digital and analog force gauges, including models with easy USB connectivity for data output. Gauges measureing in pounds, kilogram, or Newtons, and models with selectable units of measure.
Load Cells
An array of load cells, including bending beam, tension and compression link, button, low profile, through hole, S type, cannister, tension link, and single point load cells as well as load pins.
Strain Gauges
Available in a variety of models to cover most strain measurement applications. Rugged construction and flexibility make them suitable for highly accurate static and dynamic measurement.
Force and Strain Measurement Accessories
Load cell hardware including mounting plates, tension plates, load buttons, and rod ends. Cables and connectors for pressure and force instrumentation.
Strain Meters
Omega offers a large selection of Strain Meters for all strain gauge and load cell applications. All of our Strain Meters are built to deliver exceptional and accurate performance over the long-term.
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