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Smart Probes

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Omega Link M12 Modular Smart Probe Analog Process interface with I/O

The Omega Link SP-014 seamlessly integrates process signals to your sensor network. Integrates standard voltage (0-1 VDC) or current (4-20mA, 0-24mA) sensors to the cloud.

Omega Link M12 Modular Thermocouple and RTD Temperature Smart Probe

The Omega Link SP-005 seamlessly integrates standard M12 thermocouple and RTD probes into your sensor network. It supports up to 2 TCs or 1 RTD and features digital I/O.

Smart IR Sensor -70°C to 380°C Temperature

-70°C to 380°C temperature range ultra miniature smart infrared sensor with plug and play connectivity and configuration Software.

Omega Link M12 Modular Environmental Monitoring Smart Probes

The Omega Link SP-003-4 series Environmental Monitoring Smart Probes provide temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure data and easily connect via M12 connector.

Omega Link M12 Modular Smart Probe Load Cell interface with I/O

The Omega Link SP-010 seamlessly integrates bridge devices into your sensor network. It accepts 4-wire bridge sensors through a M12 4-pin connector and features digital I/O.

Omega Link M12 Modular Smart Digital interface counter/totalizer

The Omega Link SP-013 seamlessly integrates digital pulse inputs to your sensor network. It accepts digital pulse/frequency inputs through its M12 5-pin connector.

Omega Link M12 Modular Smart Heat Flux Sensor interface with I/O

The Omega Link SP-016 seamlessly integrates thermopile-based heat flux sensors to your sensor network and performs the calculations to provide measurements in W/m2.

SP-006-Series Smart Pressure Probe

The SP-006-Series Pressure Monitoring Smart Probes measure gas, liquid, and vapor pressure for a wide range of applications

Smart Probes

Smart Probes have become essential components in a variety of industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. These probes provide reliable and accurate measurements of control process environmental parameters.

Omega Engineering offers a comprehensive selection of smart probes – from non-contact IR sensors to a full range of sensor types, including temperature, humidity, pulse, and heat flux. These probes are easy to install and configure, and can be used to monitor air quality, temperature, and other environmental parameters in both indoor and outdoor settings.
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