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Data Loggers

Omega's data loggers offer dependable performance in all types of environments. Choose based on...
7 Products
Process Voltage and Current Data Loggers
Monitor and log virtually any process voltage or current output from your transducers.
Multi-Channel Programmable and Universal Input Data Loggers
These dataloggers have multiple channel inputs which can be universally configured to record temperature, process voltage/current, pulse, strain, etc.
Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers
These dataloggers are used to monitor and record temperature and/or humidity. Available in either single or multi channel inputs for thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, & infrared temperature sensors.
Ethernet and Wireless Data Logging
Dataloggers with Ethernet or wireless interfaces for temperature, humidity, pressure and process inputs.
Pressure, Strain and Shock Data Loggers
Dataloggers for pressure, bridge input for strain or load measurement and also tri-axial shock dataloggers with built in accelerometers.
State, Event and Pulse Data Loggers
These data loggers can record rates from pulse output transducers, on/off or open close state changes or events.
Specialty Data Loggers
Includes dataloggers that measure pH, CO, Moisture, Light, Water level, Wind Speed, and others.
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