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Calibration Equipment

Omega carries a broad selection of calibrators, testers, and accessories for ensuring fast, ...

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Omega’s Constant-Temperature Liquid Circulating Baths come with your choice of analog or digital temperature selectors and three different temperature controllers. We have 120-volt and 240-volt models...

Calibrate infrared pyrometers. Black body calibrators use a target plate, which has a high emissivity that minimizes emissivity errors.

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Handheld Calibrator
Omega’s handheld calibrators are ideal for testing and calibration of measurement devices such as thermocouples and RTDs. These rugged devices offer exceptional accuracy and ease of use. Use it in the...
Pressure Calibrator

Omega carries a range of different Pressure Calibrators, including portable, handheld, and benchtop models. We also have easily portable gauge and pressure calibration kits suitable for field testi

Melting Point Tester
A variety of melting point apparatus for uses from education, to quality control, and quick, automated processes.
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