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Alert: Omega USA offices and shipping warehouses will be closed for MLK day on Jan. 17th.
The current COVID-19 omicron wave is impacting all levels of our supply chain. Please allow an estimated 2-10 additional business days on top of posted lead times.

Process Heaters and Coolers

Process Heaters and Coolers...
3 Products
Heating Cables
Buy heating cables from Omega to get the highest quality cables for less. We have everything from self-regulating rapid-trace heating cables and OMEGALUX™ high-temperature constant wattage cables to l...
Duct and Enclosure Heaters

Omega has efficient duct heaters and enclosure heaters for every type of closed enclosure application. We have heaters for enclosures in hazardous areas, small heaters that are safe to touch, high-

Heater and Cooler Accessories
Omega carries heater and cooler accessories designed to make your application safer and more efficient. Shop our selection of accessories for heaters and coolers today and take advantage of our great ...
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