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Analog Interface Cards

Omega is your complete source for analog interface cards. From High Performance Analog and Digital I/O Boards to Low Cost, PCI-Bus Compatible, 8-Channel Analog Input Boards, Omega carries the hardware and software development kits you need to complete your application. Many models feature three different external triggers - a Post-Trigger, Pre-Trigger, and External Pacer Trigger and some are capable of supporting as many as 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs for a total of 32 channels. Shop at Omega for the best analog interface card selection and prices.
3 Products found

6 Channel Analog Output Board for ISA Bus Computers

The CIO-DDA06 is a 6-channel analog output board that also contains 24 channels of digital I/O. It is available with either 16-bit (1 part in 65536) or 12-bit (1 part in...


in 9 weeks
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PCI 1-MHz 16-Bit Multifunction Boards

The new OMB-DAQBOARD-3000 Series comprises high-performance PCI boards offering 16-bit/1-MHz multifunction synchronous I/O at very competitive prices. This is accomplishe...


in 4 weeks
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Medium Speed, PCI Bus, 16-Channel Analog Input Board with D/A and Digital I/O

The PCI-DAS1001 and PCI-DAS1002 multifunction analog and digital I/O boards set a new standard for low cost, medium speed data acquisition on the PCI bus for IBM or compa...


in 99 weeks
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