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Digital Interface Cards

12 Products found
Economical Digital I/O Plug-In Cards

The CIO-DIO24 low-cost digital I/O board is designed for use with IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible computers. The board employs one 8255 digital I/O chip, controlling 24 digital ... Read More

Electro-Mechanical Relays/Isolated Digital Input Board for IBM PC and Compatibles

The CIO-PDISO8 board is a low cost, low profile way to control and monitor high voltage ac or dc directly from your personal computer. It provides 8 electro-mechanical relays for output actuation and 8 isolated digital inputs.
Read More

24-Bit Digital I/O Board for PCI Bus

The PCI-DIO24 and PCI-DIO24H are low cost, 24-bit, logic level digital I/O boards for the PCI bus for IBM or compatible PC’s. The PCI-DIO24 is based on the industry standar... Read More

Low Profile PCI 24-Channel TTL I/O Board

The OMG-PIO-24-LPCI Low Profile PCI digital I/O interface provides 24 channels of buffered drive digital I/O emulating 8255 mode zero. The board can be utilized for PC-base... Read More

Four Axis Encoder Interface Cards

The Models EN-EIC-325 and EN-EIC-325-PCI Four Axis Encoder Interface Cards accommodate most of the popular optical encoders available. The board supports either square-wave... Read More

High Performance Low Cost Digital I/O Boards for PCI Bus Computers 32, 48 and 96 Channel Versions

The OMG-PCI-DIO series provide 32, 48, and 96 channels of buffered digital I/O emulating 8255s for industrial control applications. 10K pull up resistors are included on ea... Read More

96-Bit and 48-Bit High Current Digital I/OBoards for the PCI Bus

The PCI-DIO96H and PCI-DIO48H are high density, logic level, digital I/O boards for IBM or compatible PC’s with a PCI bus. The PCI-DIO96H offers 96 bits of digital I/O, whi... Read More

Electromechanical Relay Racks for the CIO-DIO Family of Digital I/O Boards

The CIO-ERB is a family of electromechanical relay racks designed to be compatible with the CIO-DIO family of digital I/O plug-in boards. There are three models in the fami... Read More

192-Channel Digital I/O Board For IBM PC and Compatibles

The CIO-DIO192 can control 192 devices or sense 192 contact closures from a single card in a PC. The CIO-DIO192 employs eight 8255 parallel peripheral interface chips which are programmable in three modes simple byte input or output or strobed I/O.
Read More

8- and 16-Channel High Voltage,High Current Digital I/O Boardsfor the PCI Bus

The PCI-PDISO16 and PCI-PDISO8 combine isolated AC or DC inputs and electromechanical relays on a single PCI-bus compatible board, for IBM or compatible PC’s. The PCI-PDISO... Read More

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