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Option Boards

11 Products found
32-Channel Single-Ended Isolated Analog Input Board

The OME-PISO-813 is an isolated 12-bit A/D board for the PCI bus for IBM or compatible PC. It features a 10 KHz data acquisition rate under DOS and Windows. The OME-PISO-81... Read More

PCI Bus 96-Bit DIO Board for PCI Bus Computers

The OME-PIO-D96 provides 96 TTL digital I/O lines. The OME-PIO-D96 consists of twelve 8-bit bi-directional ports. The 8-bit ports are named port A (PA), port B (PB), ... Read More

48-Bit DIO Boards with Counter/Timer for PCI Bus and PCI Express Bus

The OME-PIO-D48U and OME-PEX-D48 provides 48 TTL digital I/O lines and consists of six 8-bit bi-directional ports. The OME-PIO-D48U has one 24-bit digital I/O port that is ... Read More

12-Channel Counter/Timer Board

The OME-PCI-TMC12 is a PCI-Bus general purpose counter/ timer and digital I/O board. It provides twelve 16-bit counter/ timer channels. Two internal clock sources (8M /1.6M... Read More

56-Bit and 24-Bit Digital I/O Boards for PCI Bus

The OME-PIO-D24U provides 24 TTL digital I/O lines. The OME-PIO-D24U consists of three 8-bit bi-directional ports. The 8-bit ports are named port A (PA), port B (PB) and po... Read More

PCI Bus 144-Bit DIO Board

The OME-PIO-D144 provides 144 TTL digital I/O lines. The OME-PIO-D144 consists of eighteen 8-bit bi-directional ports (3 ports on each connector). The 8-bit ports on ... Read More

24-Channel Open-Collector Output Board

The OME-DB-24C has 24 channels of optically isolated digital outputs, arranged into four isolated banks. Each digital output offers a darlington transistor and integral sup... Read More

24 Channel Solid State Relay Output Board for OME-PIOD144

The OME-DB-24SSR includes 24 normally open, or Form A, solid-state relays. The board interfaces to field logic signals, eliminating ground-loop problems and isolating the h... Read More

24-Channel Photo-MOS Relay Output Board

The OME-DB-24POR includes 24 normally open, Form A, Photo MOS Relays. The board interfaces to field logic signals, eliminating ground-loop problems and isolating the host c... Read More

100 S/s 16-Channel 16-Bit Analog Input Board for the ISA Bus

The OME-A-826PG is a 16-bit multifunction analog and digital I/O board for PC/AT compatible computers. The OME-A-826PG offers 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog input... Read More

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