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Water Quality Sensors

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Flat Surface In Line pH/ORP Electrodes

The PHE/ORE-5460 in-line pH and ORP electrodes feature a flat self-cleaning abrasion-free surface. When exposed to turbulent flow, the scrubbing action cleans the electrodes.

Clear Epoxy-bodied, Gel-filled Combination Alpha® Electrodes

OMEGA Engineering offers a complete line of laboratory pH electrodes. The PHE-4200 Series are gel-filled, combination pH electrodes in five electrode styles to choose from.

ISE Standards, Isa & Reference Outer-fill Solutions

Omega's ISE-8700 high sensitivity ion-specific electrodes can measure down to 6.4 x 10 -4 PPM. Ion electrodes include: Fluoride, Copper, Potassium, Chloride and Sodium.

High Accuracy Alpha pH Electrodes

OMEGA is pleased to offer the ALpHA® Series of pH electrodes. The special internal design allows rapid, stable readings to be taken even during large temperature shifts.

Retractable pH/ORP Electrodes for Tanks and Main Lines

The PHE-6820B electrode and assembly features a retractable design for insertion into tanks. It allows the electrode to be removed without shutting the system down.

Submersible Flat Surface pH/ORP Electrodes

The OMEGA's PHE/ORE-6510B submersible electrodes are designed for use in drums, open tanks and streams. The flat sensing surface minimizes fouling.

Heavy-Duty Combination pH Sensor For Submersible Applications

The PHE-7352-15 is a combination pH sensor designed for insertable use in process and waste water applications where greater pipeline penetration is required.

Combination Style Industrial pH and ORP Electrodes

Twist Lock Industrial Combination electrode features a non-fouling annular ceramic junction and an electrode housing of PVDF construction with 316SS locking pins.

By Pass pH/ORP Electrodes

The OMEGA PHE/ORE-4580 bypass flow pH system has a modified 1" CPVC or PVDF tee and cable assembly matched to the flat surface pH or ORP electrode. ATC is an available option

Submersible Flat Surface pH Electrodes

The PHE/ORE-6510 Series submersible electrodes are designed for use in drums, open tanks and streams. The flat sensing surface and reference junction minimizes fouling.

Glass-bodied and Refillable Combination pH Electrodes

OMEGA's glass-bodied, refillable (RF), combination pH electrodes are for general purpose laboratory measurements. These electrodes can be used at temperatures up to 110 ℃.

Preamplified Alpha® pH Electrodes

OMEGA offers pH electrodes with integral preamplifiers for laboratory or industrial applications and can interface with equipment that accepts a millivolt input signal.

General Purpose 1/2" MNPT pH and ORP Electrodes

The PHE-7357 sensor is designed for use in most water and waste water applications. The large reservoir of reference electrolyte and PTFE liquid junction assures a long life.

Water Quality Sensors

Omega offerscombination and differential probes for accurate measurement of pH, conductivity, ORP, and disolved oxygen. Submersible sensors for use in drums, open tanks and streams are available.
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