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Call us at 1-888-826-6342

Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

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Stepper Drives

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High Performance Stepper Drives with Integrated Power Supply

STAC6 series are Hi Performance Stepper Drives w/ Integrated Power Supply. Features include Self Test and Auto Setup, Anti-resonance,Command signal/torque Ripple smooting.

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Step and Direction Stepper Drives with 3 input/1 output

STR Series are digital step and direction drive with 2 A/phase, 4 A/phase and 8 A/phase. Anti-Resonance and Waveform Damping control algorithms.They have 3 inputs/1 output.

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High Performance Stepper Drives with Advanced Features

ST-Series are Hi Performance Stepper Drives W/ Advanced Features and Control Options. "-S" models are step and direction drives, and "-Si" models are stand-alone prog. drives

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Microstepping Motor Drives, Analog in/Step & direction control

The 3540M is a Microstepping Motor Drives with Analog input/Step & direction control. Up to 12,800 steps/revol. Optoisolated inputs. PWM Current Control. 0.4 to 3.5 A/Phase.

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Programmable Step Motor Indexer/Drive, Microstepping ,12/42 Vdc

The 3405i is a Step Motor Indexer/Drive with 8 inputs and 3 outputs. Provides Up to 3.5 A per Phase and Microstepping to 50,800 Steps per Revolution. Optional RS485.

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Stepper Drives

Our industrial-grade stepper drives are made of the highest quality materials, allowing them to perform better and last longer than drives from other manufacturers.
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