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Data Acquisition Modules

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Portable USB Thermocouple/Voltage Input Data Acquisition Module

The OM-DAQ-USB-2401 is a thermocouple or voltage input USB data acquisition module. Accepts 8 differential or 16 single ended inputs. 24-bit resolution and 1kS/s.

OMEGABUS® PC to Analog Output Modules | Digital In, Analog Out

D3000-D4000 Series transmitters take RS-232 or RS-485 signals from any PC and convert to DC analog current or voltage output. Multiple output ranges, 3x Digital Input.

USB Powered Acquisition Modules for Thermocouples Process Signals

TC and Process Inputs. Low power design requires no external power or batteries. High resolution, high sample rate. Multi device support via USB hubs. Digital calibration

8-Channel Temperature/Voltage Input USB Data Acquisition Modules

The OM-USB-TC Series have temperature or voltage input options. Accepts thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, or semiconduction temp sensors. Software programmable input types.

8-Channel Thermocouple Input Ethernet Data Acquisition Module

The OM-NET-TC has eight isolated 24-bit differential thermocouple inputs with 4 S/s maximum sample rate. Integrated CJC sensors and open sensor detection. 8x Digital I/O.

Data Acquisition Modules

Data Acquisition Modules are essential in many industrial, commercial, and laboratory applications. They are used to acquire data from a variety of sources and convert it into a digital signal. Omega Engineering offers a selection of high-performance data acquisition products.

Our DAMs are designed to be user-friendly and provide reliable performance. With 8-channel simultaneous analog, 4-channel universal, 8-channel voltage, USB data acquisition interface, 8-channel thermocouple/voltage, OMEGABUS digital transmitters, 8-channel USB thermocouple, 4-channel RTD, and Ethernet remote I/O modules, Omega Engineering has the perfect DAM for your applications.

Our DAMs are designed for a variety of industries and applications including process control, HVAC, robotics, test and measurement, medical device development, and more. With our DAMs, you can easily acquire data from thermocouples, RTDs, process inputs, and contact closures. Our DAMs are also equipped with software programmable TC types and datalogging capabilities.
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