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Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

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Strain Gauge Accessories

6 Products
Compact Strain Gauge Bridge Completion Module

The BCM-2 miniature bridge completion module provides a convenient means of creating a bridge circuit when only one or two strain Gauge are being deployed

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Strain Gauge Application Kit

This kit has everything needed to apply strain gauges, including tools, adhesives, coatings, and an assortment of strain gauges.

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Cold-Curing Strain-Gage Adhesive

Cold-curing strain gage adhesives set quickly and are suitable for all series of strain gauges and compatible with most common use metals.

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Strain Gauge Resistors for Bridge Completion

This series of high accuracy resistors have bondable terminal pads for easy strain gauge installation. Available in 120 Ω, 250 Ω, and 350 Ω.

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Strain Gauge Resistors for Balancing and Temperature Compensation

This series of resistors have high stability for bridge balancing and temperature compensation on circuits. Available with constantan or nickel foil measuring grid.

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Strain Gauge Accessories

Products to assist with strain gauge application and testing including bridge completion modules, adhesives, resistors, and application kits.
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