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Drum Heaters

5 Products found
Explosion Resistant Drum Heaters

OMEGALUX™ silicone rubber area drum heaters are low-watt density electrical resistance heaters in blanket form. They are designed to provide a practical, efficient means of... Read More

Dual Zone Drum Heater

Omegalux® full-coverage drum heaters are designed to wrap around a drum and heat the contents while insulating to keep the heat exactly where it needs to be. Full-coverage ... Read More

Drum Heaters 55 Gallon Wraparound

The FCDH Series consists of full-coverage insulated drum heaters that provide a safe and efficient method of temperature and viscosity control. An easy-to-use digital tempe... Read More

Silicone Rubber Laminated Drum Heaters

OMEGALUX™ Silicone Rubber Laminated Heavy Duty Drum Heaters are electrical resistance heaters in blanket form. They are designed to provide a practical efficient means of f... Read More

Wrap Around Tote Tank Heaters

The OMEGA TOTE Series tote tank heaters are flexible wrap-around surface heaters offered in different sizes based on height. These heaters provide a quick, easy, non-invasi... Read More

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