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Call us at 1-888-826-6342.

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Drum Heaters

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Silicone Rubber Drum Heater 4 Drum Sizes up to 1200 W

Thin silicone coated fiberglass insulated drum heaters are designed for 5, 15, 30 or 55 gallon drums and power up to 1200 W. Optional thermostat available.

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Silicone Fiberglass Tote Heater Dual Thermostat up to 2880 W

TOTE series silicone coated fiberglass insulated tote heater features dual thermostats and up to 2880 W of power. Multiple heights available for various tote sizes.

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Dual Zone Silicone Fiberglass Drum Heater up to 3200 W

FCDDH full coverage dual zone drum heater is fiberglass insulated and coated with silicone. Designed for 55 gallon drums and up to 3200 W of power to melt heavy solids.

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Explosion Proof Silicone Rubber Drum Heater up to 1300 W

SEPDH silicone rubber explosion proof drum heater has a built in thermostat and power up to 1300 W. For 30 and 55 gallon drums with built in high-limit thermal cutout.

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Silicone Rubber Drum Heater with Thermostat up to 1500 W

Drum heaters with built in thermostat and insulated with silicone rubber. Certified to UL and CSA, chemically resistant and designed for 15 and 55 gallon drums.

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Silicone Fiberglass Drum Heater up to 1600 W

FCDH full coverage drum heater is fiberglass insulated and coated with silicone. For 55 gallon drums, up to 1600 W of power and features audible and visual alarms.

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Drum Heaters

Omega's drum heaters and tank heaters are designed for high quality and efficient heat transfer. These heaters can be used to provide freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids and more.
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