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Optical Level Switches

Omega is where you can find the most reliable optical level switches in the industry. We carry a wide inventory of products capable of satisfying all your application needs. We have optic sensors, optical level switches, ultrasonic solid-state liquid level switches, high-pressure single-point level switches, and more. Omega is the leading resource for commercial-grade level switches. Shop online and get the optical level switches you need for less.
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Optical Level Switch

The LVE-950 Series are the smallest electro-optic liquid level sensors Omega offers, they also carry a high operating temperature capability at 110°C (230°F). The Polysulfo...

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Optical Liquid Level Sensor

The LV170 optical liquid sensor accurately detects the presence of liquid in fiberglass double-wall tanks, containment sumps and double-wall pipes. Built-in electronic...

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The LVE-115/116 electro-optic level switches maintain the top-performing environmental capabilities of their larger family members while featuring an overall size that is 5...

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Optic Sensors

The LVF-200A-R Series optic sensor creates a pulsed beam of infrared light which is reflected on the oblique flat sensor tip. If the tip is dry, the light beam is recognize...

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