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Ultrasonic Level Switches

Ideal solution to a host of liquid level sensing and control applications, offered in varying sizes, materials, styles, and limits to fit your application.
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316 SS Single Point Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch

The LVSW-701 Series liquid level switch is a direct replacement for mechanical float-type devices. The switch employs proven ultrasonic technology and solid state electronics.


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Compact 316 SS Ultrasonic Level Switch Selectable NO/NC

The LVSW-710/720 compact solid state liquid level switch employs ultrasonic technology and provides reliable operation in virtually any liquid, regardless of viscosity.


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Submersible IP68 Ultrasonic Level Switch

The LVU150 ultrasonic sensors deliver accurate and reliable liquid level detection with an SPST mechanical relay output. Provides a resistance to vapor and turbulence.


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Ultrasonic Level Controller w/3 SPDT Switches

LVCN1700 ultrasonic level sensor provides level detection up to 26.2' with 3 programmable relays for switch or level control. Features push button configuration display.


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