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Omega is a leading supplier of sensors. We carry cryogenic sensors, infrared sensors, RTD se...

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Cryogenic Sensors

If you need cryogenic sensors for your application’s installation or repair, get them from Omega and enjoy the best performance at the lowest price. Our high-quality cryogenic temperature sen

Infrared Sensors

Non-contact temperature sensors. Used in applications where the sensor must be isolated from the measurement surface

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Temperature Probes
At Omega, we carry a wide selection of temperature probes to choose from. From heavy duty bolt-on probes and transition joint probes to compact probes and bayonet-style probes, you’ll find the parts y...
RTD Sensors

Omega is your source for reliable RTD sensors. We carry a large inventory of sensors to choose from. We have RTD sensors that are bendable, vibration-resistant, with thin-film DIN Class B elements,

Surface Sensors
Measure the temperature of any flat, curved, or moving surface accurately with Omega’s range of surface temperature sensors. Available in a variety of mounting configurations, process temperature rang...
Solid State Sensors
The solid-state temperature sensors sold by Omega are economical and versatile. They have very fast response times and no linearization circuitry is required. Our sensors feature a linear current outp...

Surface mount thermistor temperature sensors designed to provide a practical method for measuring surface temperatures, includes cement-on and mounted designs.

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