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Fixed Infrared Temperature Sensor With RS485 MODBUS® RTU Interface and a broad selection of Field of Views

Item# DP240

Fixed Infrared Temperature Sensor With RS485 MODBUS® RTU Interface and a broad selection of Field of Views DP240 DP240
  • Wide Temperature Range from -20 to 500°C (-4 to 932ºF)
  • Built-In RS485 MODBUS RTU Interface
  • Configurable Emissivity Setting and Signal Processing
  • Max, Min Average and Instantaneous Readings Peak or Valley Hold Reflected Energy Compensation
  • 2:1, 15:1, 30:1 or Close Focus Optics
  • Fast Response with High Stability
  • Stainless Steel Housing, Sealed to IP65
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Optional Air/Water Cooled Housing, Air Purge Collar, Laser Sighting Tool and Mounting Brackets
  • Optional DP240 Touch-Screen Terminal for Configuring and Displaying Data from Up to 8 IR Sensors
Field of View
Minimum Temperature Measurement
Maximum Temperature Measurement
Laser Output
Cable Length
Input Current
Analog Output
Supply Voltage
Spectral Response
Response Time
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Quantity Price each
1-9 $1,008.00
10-24 $957.60
25-49 $937.44
50-99 $897.12
100-199 $876.96
200+ $856.80

In stock

Lead Time ( If not in Stock): 6 weeks

Product Specs

  • Housing Material Stainless Steel
  • Form Factor Fixed Mount
  • Emissivity 0.20 to 1.00
  • Maximum Ambient Humidity 35 to 95% non-condensing
  • Maximum Ambient Temperature 45°C (113°F)
  • Minimum Ambient Humidity 35%
  • Repeatability ±0.5% of reading or ±0.5°C whichever is greater
  • Measurement Type Temperature
  • Sensor Diameter 18 mm
  • Measurement Units RH
  • Sensor Length 103 mm
  • Thread Size M16 x 1 mm pitch

The OS211 Series is a range of high quality, low cost, compact sensors which measure the temperature of inaccessible or moving objects and materials. They measure temperatures from -20 to 500°C (-4 to 935ºF), accurately and consistently, with an outstanding response time of 240 ms. Two-way digital communications via a built-in RS485 MODBUS RTU interface enables the user to adjust the emissivity setting compensate for reflected energy apply filtering select maximum and minimum, average or instantaneous readings and peak or valley hold processing. Up to 32 sensors can be installed on a single multidrop network. All the IR sensors are fitted with precision germanium lenses for accurate optics. These compact sensors are small enough to fit almost anywhere and their rugged stainless steel housings make them ideal for applications where cleanliness and hygiene are paramount.

The optional DP240 is a 320 x 240 pixel touch screen terminal with a 89 mm (3.5") color TFT display. It allows the user to display data from up to eight infrared sensors and configure each sensor individually. The configuration parameters include emissivity setting, signal averaging, peak or valley hold processing and reflected energy compensation. There are two versions available. Each one provides all of the features above, however, the enhanced DP240-AR also provides analogue transmission for up to 4 sensors, plus two adjustable alarm outputs per sensor for all 8 sensors.

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